March 2012

This is my new idea for March’s photo journal, since I completely botched February’s :(

I will be doing a daily photo that describes my day with a one-word title. It will probably be mostly me making faces at my Macbook. So if you don’t feel like looking at me 31 times this month, skip March’s photo journal =P

Otherwise, enjoy!!!

– Cafe

* * *

March 1: Pain

I don’t know WHAT the heck I did to myself today, but it feels like I’ve thrown on my back and now I’m hobbling around like an old grandma. SHIT. Why does this crap always happen to me? >_<

* * *

March 2: Waiting

Get over here already!

That’s a tear rolling down my eye *sniffle*

Happy Friday, people! ;)

* * *

March 3: Starving

There are certain times when you don’t want to mess with me. One of them is when I have not been fed.

Three words: Sweet potato fries. They don’t stand a chance.

* * *

March 5: Befuddled

Day 1 of my four-day social media ban. Now what?

* * *

March 7: Lonely

Day 3 of my four-day social media ban.

It’s just me and you, buddy.

* * *

March 9: Sociable

Crawled out of my hole and boy am I glad to see people! Well, virtually .. see people.

* * *

March 11: …

Words can’t explain …

* * *

March 13: Excited!

Time to bust-a-move! Beautiful, warm day outside. Go get it while it lasts! :)

* * *

March 19: Guilty

I have been craving things that are bad for me ALL THE TIME lately. Somebody stop me, please! *sob*

* * *

March 20: Content

Actually, content was the last word to describe today. It was one of those non-stop, got-bad-sleep, hauling-heavy-bags, almost-missed-the-train kinda days.

But it did start off with a moment of peace with a cup of coffee :)

* * *

March 21: Determined

So you know how I mentioned I was gonna do a recording of a song I was learning? Well, today was Day 1 of recording and it’s been a pretty frustrating experience so far. Felt quite tempted to just forget about this project altogether, but I can’t give up!!!

I will get this right, dammit!


19 thoughts on “March 2012

  1. RE: March 3 – Starving

    Your photo looks at little, actually a lot, like the face I make when I’m on the toilet :)

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