January 2012

Here we go … Start of the New Year and the start of this Photo Journal. Wish me luck!

* * *

January 1: Lonely Walk

Walking back home from the bank. It was a walk of reflection, thinking about how to make this year better. Make it count.

* * *

January 2: Spaceship Launch!

You’re probably gonna see a lot of pictures of clouds as per my cloud obsession. I noticed this one coming out of the car wash. It reminded me of a big spaceship ready to launch! =P

* * *

January 3: Winter

My first attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post!

I intended to go to the park for a lunchtime walk to test out my new coat and grab a wintery shot for this week’s challenge. While the new coat kept my body completely toasty, my legs were freezing! I managed to tiptoe a few steps into the entrance of park to take this shot. I dared not follow the path.

All of my Weekly Photo Challenge pics will be included in my Photo Journal 2012. So the side story to this photo entry is that I think the important thing was not that it reflects how cold and very winter-like it is today(!) but that it was truly a beautiful and liberating thing to be able to take a walk in my neighbourhood in the middle of the day. Yay to flexible work hours!

Okay, back to work now … =)

* * *

January 4: I Just Wanna Play

I thought about what Mr. Charles Keefer said on my main Photo Journal page — about taking a photo of what’s familiar but in a different context to get a unique picture. That little tip helped today when the most I saw of the outside world was when I stuck my head out the door for five seconds to inhale some fresh air. What could be my photo of the day?

This is my guitar. I often think about playing it throughout the day — but, of course, I as a diligent employee resist all impulses to run away from my laptop and strum some serenades. I have felt so happy lately that I took up learning how to play. Hopefully I will work up the courage to play for ya’ll one day :)

I thought the kitchen floor tiles were a nice backdrop to the guitar. And I used a setting for, I think, taking pictures of water that added a cool orange tint to complement the colour of my guitar and make it look all mysterious.

* * *

January 5: Daniel!

Wasn’t feeling too good today, as attested by my consumption of one Gingerale all evening, but could not miss this outing I had planned with my MA crew, including the one and only Dan(!) who was spending his last days here visiting from England.

Dan is just a quality person, as are the rest of the MA crew. Love ya guys! :)

* * *

January 6: Music is My Passion

 I realize that I have very few pics of me over the years engaging in my musical hobbies. Lately, I’ve been picking up my guitar almost every day and strumming some tunes. This has to make it into my Photo Journal :)

What’s your passion? Take a photo to re-inspire you a few months or years down the road!

* * *

January 7: Midnight Snack

Can’t beat instant noodles as a midnight snack. Just can’t.

P.S. This week’s Photo Challenge is “Launch.” Well, whaddya know — that was the theme for my second photo in this journal! So I submitted that one for this week =P

* * *

January 8: Breakfast Is Served!

Hm, I wonder if this Photo Journal is going to end up being about eating …

I think I made these Pillsbury croissants once many years ago. They’re so yummy! Rolled up some hotdogs in there for good measure :)

* * *

January 9: My Son From Beijing

Hahaha, just kidding obviously. But Wingchun here — what, you don’t name your stuffed animals? — who I bought while in Beijing makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Getting only slightly creepy …

* * *

January 12: Face In the Stone

Been super sick, so slacked off a bit on my Photo Journal these past couple of days :(

But I’m back! Today was trying to figure out: what’s something new that I could find in what has become the ordinary and familiar?

Well, I realized that I never really noticed the stones on the fireplace, the different colours and textures of the various stones. And I never noticed that there’s a face in one of the stones! Sure, he’s missing an eye. But maybe that’s why he looks so pissed off =P

* * *

January 14: Sixes

Our classic camping card game played at Bees’. Beginner’s luck, Bees. Beginner’s luck.

* * *

January 15: Ravens For the Win

The Houston Texans gave the Baltimore Ravens a run for their money, but we are now one step closer to the Super Bowl.

* * *

January 16: And the Winner is … Ragweed Pollen!

Because I know how much you wanted to see it.

Finally got my allergy test today. They tested me for 12 different environmental allergens and the winner was ragweed pollen, although that doesn’t really explain the problems I’ve been having as of late (ragweed pollen only comes out from August to October). A test for indoor mold has not been made, so I’m kind of back to square one now.

* * *

January 17: Cupcakes Are Good For You

Cupcakes made by Crystal (not me, another Crystal =P) for Maurice’s birthday today!

They’re just so adorable, I can’t bear to eat them. No, I just can’t! … Okay, if I must.

Damn, these are really good.

* * *

January 18: Downtown Toronto

Okay, so I seriously hate how I took this photo, but I really wanted to take a shot while I was downtown today (since I barely ever am anymore and so now it’s actually kind of a novel experience at times).

I was thinking about how this particular area (Yonge and Dundas) constantly undergoes transformation. The other day, someone was asking if Sam the Record Man was still there. It used to be such a prominent feature at this intersection, but it was completely torn down. So I’m kind of curious to look back at this pic in a few years and see how much has changed.

* * *

January 20: Peaceful

Just got my photo in for the Weekly Photo Challenge!

I waited all week to have the perfect peaceful moment so that I could snap a pic for the week’s photo challenge. Every day I looked for that moment, but it was nowhere to be found.

So today I took a lunchtime walk to the park, knowing that I would find some peace there. If there’s anything that brings me true peace of mind, it’s being around nature. The wintery afternoon meant there was barely a soul around and I was able to find that moment I had been waiting for :)

* * *

January 22: Rorschach

I don’t know ’bout y’all, but it’s clearly a carriage to me.

* * *

January 23: Is He A Bird Too?

 So someone said I shouldn’t be taking a picture of a painting. That may be true. But I need to know: What does it mean??? Does he have a beak? And what the heck’s going on with that little upside-down guy/bird/thing at the bottom right?

* * *

January 24: Simple

For the Weekly Photo Challenge :)

This is as basic as it gets.

* * *

January 25: Cafe at Work

Thought today’s photo should relate to my Why Do You Blog? post. So here I am, blogging! :)

* * *

January 26: Haircut

One thing I’m so damn bad at is getting my haircut frequently. And then when I do get it cut, I barely do anything to it that no one thinks it looks any different. Ah well, I feel like a brand new person :)

* * *

January 27: Cafe23!

Played Sudoku and Scrabble with my mom and dad today! Always nice to exercise the brain :)

Figured since I got both the letter and the number pieces, I’d spell out a little somethin’ somethin’ for today’s pic =P

* * *

January 28: Cut the Pizza

Never seen a restaurant give you a pair of scissors to cut up your pizza! This was at Paganelli’s in downtown Toronto, celebrating a friend’s birthday :)

* * *

January Wrap-Up

So my first month’s attempt at this Photo Journal has been an interesting experience. It’s compelled me to look around at my everyday life and find something new and unique about it. It’s reminded me to keep my head up when I walk down the street so that I don’t miss out on something interesting that I could capture for my next photo.

It’s been tough to get a photo up every single day. Sometimes I have just forgotten about it. But I think it hasn’t been too bad of a start =P

Onward and upward!

– Cafe ;)


24 thoughts on “January 2012

  1. Hey really nice to see the picture of downtown Toronto as I used to live fairly nearby in Ottawa!! Have been back in London ever since. It was many years ago though but I recently used google street view to see my old school which was great (St Catherines in Metcalfe, just outside Ottawa). It is nice to see your pictures of the woods in the snow – reminds me of my winters in Canada and driving around my uncles land on his skidoo!!

    • Haha! Awesome!
      I’ve been to Ottawa a couple of times, both times in the freezing cold winter! But I’ll be back there for a wedding in a couple of months so I’ll get to see it in the summer finally :)

    • Aww thanks so much! It’s pretty hard to take a photo every day. Actually, it’s harder to post the pics you take every day. I get so lazy with that and now just end up putting a bunch up at once. But it’s been a great experience especially in the sense that it compels me to keep my head up and to appreciate what’s around me. I like that :)

    • Hey David! Uh-oh, I just found your comments in my Spam box! Have no idea why they’re in there but they are now out!
      A long and violent story??!! Oh boy….

    • Thanks so much! I always feel so surprised when people say that cuz I really think I’m a terrible photographer lol. I think in February I must try harder. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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