February 2012

Month Two of my Photo Journal! Let’s make it better :)

* * *

February 1: The Bellevue

Went to The Bellevue in Kensington Market for some good wine and really unique(!) food. What do I mean by unique? I had a Brussel Sprout Poutine — substitute fries for brussel sprouts. I know. Crazy. But it worked!

* * *

February 2: At the Car Wash

(Isn’t that a song?)

I’ve always had a fascination for car washes. I feel like I’m on an amusement park ride. I know … lame.

* * *

February 3: Turtle, Turtle

Went to a Mediterranean restaurant with my cousin and they brought out these crazy inflatable pitas! I thought they looked like turtles =P

* * *

February 5: Ready

(This week’s Photo Challenge)

You ain’t ready for Superbowl until the wings come out of the oven.

* * *

February 7: Walk Around the Block

Some days it is super hard to leave the house (I work from home). Luckily I get sent reminders to take a walk around the block. And then when I get to see this, I’m so glad I got my ass out the door :)

* * *

February 9: Be My Hero, Sweet Potato Fries

Had been chasing the perfect sweet potato fries. Thought that Hero Burger might save the day, but alas … it did not.

(My friend making fun of my Asian styles, pulling out my camera phone to take a pic of my food =P)

* * *

February 11: Snowfall

It’s been such a mild winter, which I have TOTALLY been loving. But I also love seeing freshly fallen snow. It just brings a smile to my face :)

* * *

February 12: Keep Your Head Up

I have a bad habit of looking down a lot while I’m walking. During a morning stroll through the park, I caught myself doing it again. I told myself: Look at all the beautiful nature around you! You’re missing it!

So I looked way up and took a shot of what I miss too often. I really love seeing the contrast between the tips of the trees and the wide, open sky.

* * *

February 13: Regret

This week’s Photo Challenge!

I didn’t think I’d find a photo for this week’s challenge on regret. But when I looked up at the gray skies and saw the bright sun peeping through, I instantly thought about the week’s topic.

We may all have regrets but it’s important to find the hope in the gray mass of sadness and guilt!

* * *

February 14: All I Want for Valentine’s

… is a box of chocolates and the one I love! <3

* * *

February 19: Lil Web is One!

Not my baby, but I love him like he’s mine :D

* * *

February 21: Pink Plaid

Ugh, what an epic fail this month’s photo journal has become! I didn’t even take this today. I just have to put up something to redeem myself from being so absent this month.

Sigh. Can’t get everything in life right, can I?

I love this shirt. I’m actually wearing it right now. It was $4 at an outlet store in the States. There, that fact alone has redeemed my failure at February’s photo journal :)

* * *

February 23: Down

This week’s Photo Challenge!

I know you love them. And in case you’re wondering what size my feet are, they are usually a 6 but sometimes a 5 depending on the shoe!

I love wearing wool or ski socks in the winter!

* * *

February 24: Indulge

This week’s Photo Challenge!

Since I knew that this week’s photo challenge was “Indulge,” I figured I would have to do just that in order to get an appropriate pic :)

This was actually half a slice of the Jamocha Almond Fudge cake at Second Cup, and I only ate half of this half! And that is a decaf latte, FYI. Despite my relapse yesterday, I do not plan to surrender myself to the coffee addiction again … for now ;)

* * *

February 25: Johnnie Blue

Moment of truth. A check off the bucket list!

* * *

February Recap:

Ugh. Just terrible. What a disgrace.

Alright, it’s time for a new idea for March …


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