Photo Journal

At the end of 2011, I had decided to try out a new project — taking a photo every day in the year 2012. I thought it’d be cool to just get snapshots of my everyday life to look back on years down the road.

Well, after the third month, I pretty much failed at my goal! I learned at that point that sometimes we need to stick to what we’re good at and passionate about. Taking photos diligently clearly wasn’t my strong suit.

But in any event, I hope you enjoy what I did accomplish, plus many more photos from some of the amazing experiences and travels I had during this year!

– Cafe

January 2012: A capture of my everyday life, from playing the guitar to eating instant noodles.
January 2012 / St. Anne’s Spa: A day of pampering and playing in the snow!
February 2012: Clouds, food, and the fun things I wear.
March 2012: Describing each day with a snapshot of my face.
May 2012 / We <3 Dogs!: A day with the adorable dogs at the animal shelter.
May 2012 / MayBeMe Celebration Photos: Supporting the fight on violence against women.
June 2012 / Skydiving Photoblog: You’ll feel like you’re jumping with me on my 30th birthday!
July 2012 / Hong Kong Photoblog 1: In one of my fave places to visit for the dragonboat races.
July 2012 / Hong Kong Photoblog 2: Food and everyday life in Hong Kong.
July 2012 / Boracay Photoblog 1: Welcome to the Philippines!
July 2012 / Boracay Photoblog 2: Discovering the white beaches and delicious food in Boracay.
July 2012 / Boracay Photoblog 3: My excursions helmet diving, parasailing & buggy car riding!
July 2012 / Seoul Photoblog 1: My first time to the Motherland. Come eat with me :)
July 2012 / Seoul Photoblog 2: More eating (of course) and hiking in Korea!


2 thoughts on “Photo Journal

  1. I have somewhere around nine digital cameras and I only take pictures when I am on the road and I only publish a few before I get tired of them. I think your project is very cool. I think I should take at least one photo a day that I could publish just by walking around my neighborhood.

    I think that finding a new photo in your back yard is harder to do than it appears. When things are familiar, it is harder to see what is different and interesting.

    But go back to the original photo exercise and take a photo of an egg that is different from any other photo of an egg.

    It is very difficult. Yet it has given us new images for years.

    Take a photo of your hand holding a mouse. It is different from your hand pressing a door bell. But it is the same.

    I guess what I am saying is that the possibilities are endless. It is how you execute the photograph that makes it good or not.

    It is not diversity. It is art.

    • Hey Charles, thanks! I’m looking forward to this project. And yeah, it might turn out to be more difficult than it seems — but that’s the challenge, I guess! … Maybe I will get better at taking photos, but for now the goal isn’t to make it art haha. It’s so that a few years from now I can look back and reminisce on what my life was like now. Just like how I now look back at photos of when I was a kid and am reminded of our family’s store, riding a bike with our neighbour’s kid, blah blah blah.

      Anyhow, maybe you should start your own photo journal! Make use of your nine cameras? =P

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