The New Month Resolution

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How the New Month Resolution was Born

At the beginning of 2013, I declared that I was incapable of making a New Year’s Resolution. Well, I could make one but keeping it was another story.

But then I thought to myself: Is that a reason to not make some exciting goals for the year to work towards? No way! But hold on, people. I didn’t want to get carried away just yet. Nuh-uh.

I decided that I would make one small resolution just for the month of January. Something slightly challenging, but also something I knew I could definitely accomplish with just a little bit of motivation. Start small, achieve the goal, and gain the momentum to do even more the following month! From henceforth, this monthly goal would be called: The New Month Resolution.

I asked my dear readers to join me in my new project and choose an NMR for themselves. It was awesome to read the variety of goals that people wanted to accomplish — everything from staying more positive to eating less pizza, to giving the house a good cleaning, to walking the dogs every day.

I checked in on everyone who left a NMR in the comment box halfway through the month and then again at the end of the month to see how they did with their goals! For February’s NMR post, I displayed on the “January NMR Wall of Fame” our fellow NMRers who had achieved their goals (or tried really hard and came close!). And of course, I asked my dear readers: What’s your NMR for this month?

So, that’s the story of how the NMR was born. Now are you ready to join in?! Alright, read on then!

Take the NMR Challenge!


In the current month’s NMR post, leave a comment about what your New Month Resolution will be. I’ll be sure to reply and wish you good luck!

I’ll also ask you if you’d like a mid-month check-in (which I will do by replying to your comment on the blog post) and/or only an end-of-the month check-in (I will do this by either replying to your comment or emailing you — your choice!).

You don’t have to wait for me to check in with you though! If you get your NMR done, feel free to leave a comment on the post and let me know!

Here’s what I’d love from all of you NMRers who worked hard to reach your goal!:

  • A short summary of your achievement.
  • Optional: A link to a blog post you wrote about achieving your NMR.
  • Optional: A photo showing you doing your NMR or displaying your achievement (email to: or provide a link if you’ve posted it online).

I will be sure to add you to the following month’s “NMR Wall of Fame” list with a photo of your gravatar (if you’re a blogger), a link to your blog, a summary of your NMR and your achievement, and any of the optional stuff you send me!

Alright, what are you waiting for?! I know there’s a million things that you want to accomplish right now. Well, it’s time to choose one and join the NMR challenge!

New Month Resolution Posts

Catch up on previous New Month Resolution posts, get inspired by other NMRers, and check out my goals for each month!

January 2013: Where it all began …
February 2013: If at first you don’t succeed …
March 2013: The taste of failure
April 2013: Songwriting obsessed!

– Cafe <3


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