Vol. 1 – Dave

Dave and I rocked it out last week for the start of some music therapy!

Dave has been a good friend of mine for about the past … *bracing myself for the make-me-feel-old calculation* … fifteen years. Dave is a crazy talented pianist, songwriter and producer. And he’s been my long-standing veteran camping partner, a musical inspiration to me, and most importantly, one of my closest confidantes … *tear*

And now, enjoy our jam session! :)

Volume 1. Part 1: 80’s Guilty Pleasures and Special Guest Nick


Volume 1. Part 2: D.O.B. Montage


Volume 1. Part 3: 90’s Tunes, Gino Beats, and Dave’s Favourite Song


Volume 1. Blooper Reel


– Cafe


4 thoughts on “Vol. 1 – Dave

  1. Thanks Mystery Man/Woman =P … I think Dave needs a Go too – go Dave!! hehe … hmm, D, I think I need to attach a mic to my laptop next time to get rid of the static on the loud parts …

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