About Me & Your Daily Dose

About Your Daily Dose

I used to blog for many years when I was a young person (no, I cannot call myself a young person anymore), ranting about things that no one with a life would probably ever want to read about. I kept those blogs very private from all those I knew.

One day, after I had been absent from the blogosphere for a few months, I felt inspired to start up a new blog. This time, I posted updates to all of my Facebook friends and spread the word far and wide about Your Daily Dose.

One of the pioneering headers of this blog — umm, perhaps too much of my face on display there.

Why? What had changed? Well, I admit this blog is still partly selfish (as it fully was in my days of ranting). It’s a creative outlet for me to write about my thoughts and personal experiences. But — and just as importantly — it’s a place where I can have open discussions with others like yourself and learn about different perspectives on issues that I care about.

On one hand, I like to reflect — and get others to reflect — on how we can learn from the past, what’s really important to us now, and what we’re striving towards for the future. I really believe that too many people get caught up in the everyday shuffle of life and don’t stop to think about whether they’re in a good place and how they can continue to self-improve. I’ve been guilty of being stuck there too!

On the other hand, it’s one thing to ponder life, it’s another to go out and just do it. So this blog is also about inspiring you to get out there and chase after your dreams — big or small. It also keeps me accountable to practicing what I preach.

So Who Am I Anyways?

I’m Janice, a.k.a. Cafe — named so after my addiction to the Holy Bean (it will be beat one day … when I am snuggly nestled in the grave).

Aside from being desperately attached to coffee, I enjoy watching NFL football. I’m obsessed with clouds. I drink red wine and scotch. I play the guitar and I’m passionate about singing and songwriting. I love traveling the world, but my favourite place to visit is right here in Ontario — and that’s Killarney Provincial Park, where I go backcountry camping every year. I (try to) run. And I have big hopes and dreams for the future :)

When you read this blog, you may laugh. You may cry. You may incur some life-altering epiphanies. You might meet some other mighty fine bloggers that frequent my ‘hood. What I can say for sure is that you will get a socially interactive experience — because that’s what blogging should be about!

Is Your Daily Dose Undergoing an Identity Crisis??

Updated June 2015: For those of you who have stuck around since my little cafe in the blogosphere first opened its doors, you’ll know that two years ago I wrote my (sort of) last post on Your Daily Dose. A year after that, I decided to repaint the sign and set up shop again — this time as Your Daily Dose of Music.

At that time, I had been quite immersed in the world of songwriting and less willing to share more of my personal life and thoughts with the World Wide Web. So it made sense to me to focus my blog on music. I think as long-time bloggers, most of us go through phases and waves over the years in terms of our motivation and interests — and that’s okay!  It just means that we’re changing.

Well, I guess with new changes I’m now hitting another wave. Blogging has always been a passion of mine — but a passion that’s meant to be fun. And I am ready to have some real fun with it again, bring back a few of my all-time favourite posts from the original Your Daily Dose, and, of course, sip many more coffees with my cafe-goers ;)

So Who Are You?

Well, that’s me and my blog! Who are you? Where are you from? Where have you been? What do you like/dislike? What are your hopes and dreams? What do you look for in a blog?

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and chat with me. I look forward to it :)

– Cafe <3


112 thoughts on “About Me & Your Daily Dose

  1. I really like your “about” page. I can connect with all of it. I too drink wine and play guitar(sorta).

    “… it’s one thing to ponder life, it’s another to go out and just do it. So this blog is also about inspiring you to get out there and chase after your dreams — big or small. It also keeps me accountable to practicing what I preach.”

    Well said. I feel obligation/guilt to follow what I have written too even though it’s only gravatars and typed words from strangers that can call me out if I don’t practice what I preach. Still, I don’t like feeling like a fraud.

    You’re a cool girl Janice.

    • That’s so sweet, thanks! I sorta play guitar too. I sing first and foremost so I tend to concentrate my energy on that rather than getting really good on the guitar… I think that is a really amazing thing about blogging – putting things out there to an online world that actually becomes your community can end up motivating you in ways you couldn’t have imagined. I feel like this really happened with me and this blog :) I’m grateful for all of you!

  2. I’m just another “Janice the singing-actress” fan delighted that you plan to share more. You come across verbally so naturally Café that it’s almost like you real and alive. And the pictures of you beautifully communicate the visual part of your personal charm. I don’t know what else to say in front of everyone, but they probably feel the same way. Jumping out of a plane — that’s a gal that anyone would like to meet;

  3. Hi Janice,

    What a well-written, thoughtful and welcoming piece of writing you have here for us! It is almost a tour de force, unfurled with assured confidence and alluring personality. SoundEagle feels very much at home in your Cafe with its special brew of the holy beans diffusing its aromatic hospitality and dispensing its idiomatic wisdom.

    So Who Am I? Please come and find out all you can about SoundEagle and whatever awaits your discovery in the eyrie . . . . . .

  4. Hi Janice,
    I wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The post is up on my page with instructions if you’re interested…and there’s no pressure, of course, but this is just my way of letting you know I enjoy your page. You have one of the most dynamic and varied blogs out there and I thoroughly enjoy every post :)


    • No way!! Awww, you’re so sweet, thank you!! I’m comin’ over to check it out :)

      And I have a good feeling about feeling better tomorrow, let’s keep our fingers crossed!!! :)

    • Hi Kate!! Thank you so much for letting me know that you’re enjoying my blog, and of course also for this award! I really appreciate the encouragement and the fact that you continue to come by to read my stuff! Much love! :)

  5. Hi Janice, I wanted to let you know that my first year just passed on WordPress and YOU have the honor of the 2nd highest viewed post on MY blog. What do you have to say for yourself? The only post that beat you was that of your cohort, Breanna. Check out the stats on my blog. I didn’t give you an award this time as you have so many and the award is for those with 500 followers or less. Congrats Ms. Janice! and thank you……looking above, that B&B idea is still not out of the question. :p

  6. Yay! Another coffee-lover! Can’t wait to have coffee with you online! Very nice intro about yourself which reminds me to update mine now that I’m going back to blogging after a very long while. ♥

    • Hey Neil!
      Wow, thank you so much for overcoming the hurdles to get over here and place this award in my box! :D
      I truly appreciate the love my readers have for this blog, thank you again! :)
      – Cafe

  7. Hi Cafe, and thanks for visiting and liking my blog! You are totally right about Killarney Park, it’s a great place and hardly anybody gives it publicity, so good for you. Here’s a caffeine idea for you: next time you’re in Toronto, go visit Merchants of Green Coffee, open 7 days/week, at 2 Matilda St. (I discovered it and wrote about it in my “King, Queen & Moose” post.)

    • Hi! You know about Killarney, amazing! It really is a hidden treasure. Maybe I should really be keeping it all to myself, but that would be greedy! :)

      Thanks for the coffee idea, I didn’t realize you were from Toronto! Is it your favourite place?

      • I live in Toronto, and began this blog while doing a lot of walking to train for a big fundraising 6-day trek in Iceland for the Arthritis Society. I’m still walking a lot, and most of it is in this city. But I’ve lived and travelled in a lot of other places, and instead of having one favourite place, like to celebrate what’s special about many of them.

  8. I enjoy dropping by your blog and reading your posts =)
    That’s why I’m nominating you for the Reader’s Appreciation Award. If you choose to accept it, check out the details on my blog.

  9. hey, cafe!
    i havent read as much of ur blog as i should have before commenting but…
    im an ontario native…thats to say i used to live there back in the 1990s..but shucks, i cudnt stand the damn cold, man! in the end, i chickened out and fled to BC!
    been in Van city ever since and really rocking it! but hey…maybe i didnt see much of ontario before running away! anyway, life’s cool. great blog u have here…liked it so much ive become a follower!

  10. I just came across your blog on WordPress. I liked your postings. I think having the freedom to write about what’s going on with our lives, either personal or professional, makes some of us blog. I found that in your website. Greetings!

    • Hey J.J.!
      Thanks so much for finding me, I’m always thrilled to have new visitors :)
      Yes, I really feel like I need to get certain personal experiences or thoughts out there, and I really enjoy hearing about others’ as well. I hope to hear about some of yours in the future! :)

    • Welcome, First Class Sophisticate :)
      Eggo waffles! Yum! =P
      Doesn’t it feel good to understand yourself? Finally?! Haha, I know what ya mean!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a little bit about yourself with me!

  11. 1st I would like to say that I love your blog. Now a little about me:
    My name is Christopher Reel and I am a writer from Philadelphia and my hopes and dreams are pretty simple, I want my work to be read and studied 200 years from now in universities. Nice meeting you.

      • I write literary fiction. I wrote a book called Happy Face that was in print now it’s available for the nook and kindle. I also wrote short stories and a column called The Babbler which appears on mycatchup.com and soon to appear on downrightfiction.com. You can checkout my work at my blog christopherreel.wordpress.com Oh and I’m also a cartoonist and some of my old comic strip is on my blog. I’ll be checking you out from time to time and hope that you read my blog and maybe like it as well. Just to let you know that my Babbler and my short fiction and novel (you can checkout 11 chapters of my novel on my blog) are wrote a little different then the others but you can still hear my voice. hope to become friends.

  12. i love that you’re a traveler and just get out and explore the land!!! thanks for “connecting” with me via blog world, new friend! you are so lovely!

  13. Hey Ms. Janice, since I see you are packing the Big Guns I wanted to be prompt so you don’t hunt me down….
    A) I am Andy and I live in B) Charleston, SC one of the coolest, prettiest places to live I feel (beaches, history, great restaurants and some various cultures). Its touristy so check us out! C) I have traveled most of the US’s east coast plus, Cancun, Jamaica, Curacao, St. Lucia (you can see a theme hear) and Ireland. D) I love to travel, the beach, the ocean, good humor, creativity, meeting new people, spending money, beer, wine, margaritas, and my family. E) Dislike? Hmm? I dislike when things don’t work the way they should, be it cell phones, computers, procedures at work. This drives me freakin nuts! (I had a bad day today) F) My hope is to some day own and operate a Bed and Breakfast, preferably along the coast so I can meet you and your family, entertain and cook for you. I want to retire on a house on a hill over looking the Caribbean where I can dive for my dinner. I hope to run a 7 minute mile until I am 50 and live long enough to see my daughters graduate college and marry their hearts desire.

    …oh, and I am very chatty behind a key board! Thanks Cafe 23! (Charlie’s Angel)

    • Hahaha! Now you better be workin’ on those other questions I tagged you on lol =P

      Ooh, I hear SC is one of the most beautiful States :) wow, I’ve never been to any of the places you’ve visited except maybe some of the states.

      Aww, hope your nursing your day with either beer, wine or margaritas. Or maybe just family and good humor :)

      Those are some wonderful hopes and dreams. Cook for me and my family? Awesome! Haha :)

      You can be chatty anytime here! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with me!

  14. Aloha Janice!
    I’m Shira, yes, nice meeting you :P I’m from Philippines. I’ve never been outside the country which I hope I can someday! Tho, I’ve been in the beautiful islands of Ph which are the Camiguin and Bohol. :) I’M IN LOVE WITH THE MOON. FASCINATED WITH STARS. ADMIRE CLOUDS. ADORE NATURE. LOL I hope to be a good being traveling the world. :)

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