Nature Selfie



The assignment of taking a self-portrait compels one to ask themselves: “What words would you use to describe yourself? How will the viewer know what matters to you? What story do you want to tell?”

While in some ways there’s nothing particularly fascinating or unique about this photo, I feel like it answers all three of those questions.

What words would I use to describe myself?: I enjoy the simple things in life, I absolutely love and need to be immersed in nature, and I strive to be genuine and honest (which I think is expressed through the direct, open relationship between myself and the camera, or viewer).

How will the viewer know what matters to you?: The position of lying in the grass, book and  removed sandals in the background, and I think even the simple t-shirt I’m wearing communicates this aspect of my personality.

What story do you want to tell?: The story of returning to a less complicated life — one where my practice of happiness includes quiet spaces and time, and being in nature.

When I lay here in the park, my toes in the grass, marvelling at the puffy clouds in the blue sky, I mused to myself: This is why children are so happy and free in their minds — they immerse themselves in nature and find joy in these simple, quiet moments. Here, the demanding worlds of the work grind, social standards and even digital connection fade away.

What would your self-portrait look like?

~ Cafe <3

Photo taken: August 7, 2015
Camera: Blackberry Q10 cell phone

This photography assignment was from National Geographic’s Getting Your Shot.


10 thoughts on “Nature Selfie

  1. First, it is SO good to have you back in my blogging world!
    As for my selfie, funny I am doing a post on selfies – just published, I would say it would have something to do with computers – me playing ESO or write a post or reading a kindle book.
    Not certain – you caught me off-guard! lol

    • Hey Scott! Aww thanks, it’s nice to see such wonderful familiar faces still around here :) Haha, that would probably be many people’s selfies in this age of technology!

  2. Lovely to see you Janice! This is a really nice picture of you and very unusual. You look as thoughtful a person as I know you are; very beautiful in fact. I mean that although you are beautiful on the outside, I have always felt that you are beautiful inside. The picture makes me think that the people you have in your life and around you are very fortunate.
    I think my self portrait would be difficult. I love nature very much, like you. I also love the city, especially the one I live near. I think I have a real love / hate relationship with myself. I have moments of great confidence in things I do and in the way I appear, but an equal number of very dark moments of feeling useless and un-loveable. It leads me, unsurprisingly I guess, to bursts of huge energy in many tasks followed by periods of procrastination in others.
    Your description of lying in the grass looking at the clouds brought some lovely memories back. Ironically, since I’m writing to you, in the few weeks before I was sent to live in Canada when I was 11, I used to lay in my parents back garden, here in London, and stare up at the very high flying airplanes in the blue sky and the long white trails they left. Wondering and dreaming about flying high up in the sky on my way to Canada….I’m going to think more about my self portrait!!
    I have a fear that I’ve digressed considerably, but I’m going to hit “post comment” anyway! :)

    • Hey Pete! So nice to see you around too :) And you can always digress here although I don’t think you did so much hehe. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I really appreciate it!

      Hey, I totally understand what you mean about the dual self-perspective. I am the same. Always love and appreciate your honesty here. And love the story about the planes and daydreaming about Canada! :)

      Thanks again for stopping by! Hope all is well with you and your photography!

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