My (Sort of) Last Blog Post on Your Daily Dose

Dear blogging friends,

I guess this may come as a surprise to many of you. But I’ve given it a lot of thought. And I have decided to make this my last blog post here on Your Daily Dose.

It has been an amazing journey since I opened up shop here about a year and a half ago. I can still remember when I used to only get two comments on a post. Now, there’s almost 600 bloggers subscribed (minus you blogging robots ;), plus anyone following through Facebook and Twitter. Over 35,000 page views. 5,500 comments (including my own, of course). It seems crazy to walk away from such amazing readership, but I really do believe that it is the right time for me.

You’re probably wondering: Why? Well, I think there are a few reasons. But the most important one is that I no longer feel that I can maintain this blog with the same consistency and drive that I’ve had in the past year and a half. And those are two things that are important to me, as a blogger. I would rather walk away on a high note than drag it out, sporadically popping in and out and not necessarily having the same level of inspiration and love for writing behind each and every post that I’ve always strived for. I am really sad at the thought of this being the end, but I want to just reflect on all of the great things that have come out of blogging here at Your Daily Dose.

It’s very apparent to me now that through this blogging experience, I’ve been blessed with the motivation to pursue my creative passions — especially music — and to be more fearless in going after the dreams I always thought were unreachable. I have all of you to thank for your constant encouragement, support, and words of motivation. Without your help, I wouldn’t have gained the confidence to keep going full speed ahead :)

I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for every time you dropped by the cafe to chat with me. Thank you to anyone who has read, liked, re-blogged, and/or commented on a post. Thank you to everyone who has been so thoughtful to pass on a blogging award this way. I feel truly honoured that you have shared your own personal stories, experiences, thoughts and advice here with me and others. I have been inspired and moved, and have learned so much from you all. It really has been all about creating a blogging community here for me, and you guys have helped make that happen.

I will be leaving this blog post up and exporting everything else to another, private site, just to have as an archive. I will be closing my Facebook and Twitter pages in a day or two, but I for sure will still be on SoundCloud where you can feel free to follow me and check out what’s going on in my songwriting journey. If I happen to create another site within the next year, I’ll be sure to update you guys here with a new post so that we might reconnect elsewhere in the world wide web (so don’t unsubscribe yet! :).

But that doesn’t mean we won’t ever meet again! I hope to find time in the future to drop by many of your blogs, to say hi and see how you’re all doing. But in the meantime, I find comfort in knowing that you have an amazing blogging family around you that will continue to inspire you, cry and laugh with you, and cheer you on in this crazy thing called life :)

Again, it’s been an incredible experience and joy spending the time that I have with you all. I wish everyone the absolute best. Don’t ever stop dreaming big and going after your life goals. Always keep searching for ways to be inspired. And always remember what and who are truly the most important things in your life. Time is too precious and life is to short to waste on doing anything other than that.

Your friend, Cafe <3

Update: I’ve been really touched reading all of your heart-felt comments so far and will try to post an update on any new songs I write during the year for anyone who would rather follow here than through SoundCloud. Thank you to everyone who has made me and this blog feel truly special! xoxo

Update – Part 2: Visit here to find out what’s happening with Your Daily Dose!


78 thoughts on “My (Sort of) Last Blog Post on Your Daily Dose

    • One a day is still great! I’m finding it hard to post regularly now but I’m okay with it. I do have some ideas of how I’d like to shape this blog – maybe make it for both music and my travel adventures. In any case, we do this for fun so it’s whatever makes us happy! Glad you’re still around! :)

  1. oh! sad to see you go. was wondering why, when i started blogging again recently, i didn’t see posts from you anymore. running into your blog, among others, is part of the reason why i chose wordpress to host mine, even though my blog is nothing like yours lol. good luck with the future, and your musical dreams, and keep enjoying your hiking/camping trips in your beloved woods. hope you get a chance to visit my beloved Mount Rainier and the PNW sometime, and, of course, visit here to Korea again soon. maybe our paths will cross sometime. 잘가!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet message, it made me smile :) I hope to visit Korea again – ahh, miss the food! Happy blogging to you and all the best for you as well in all you do. Our paths may cross again, if at least in the blogosphere!

  2. Dear Janice, It has been a pleasure becoming blog friends with you :) . Your first post I read about forgiveness not only touched me but made me realize that we had a common bond. Luckily I took your advise eventually, lol and learned to forgive. Thank you for that. <3. All the best Loriana

    • Dear Loriana, I’m so happy you stopped by! You are an amazing, strong woman and it’s been great getting to know you. I’m sure that you have touched many people with your posts as well. All the best to you as well and I’m sure we will chat again in the future xoxo

    • Hi Daniel! Aww, that’s really sweet of you to say and I’m sorry to have created any “dislike” of the situation =P I wish you all the best in your future endeavours!! :)

  3. This is what I run into as the first thing when I get back to blogosphere:(
    I know I’ve been missing for the better part of the year but I’d still like to be reading those sporadic inconsistent posts should you randomly feel like writing. So please don’t quit blogging all-together Janice.

    • Hey T!!!! Aww, thanks, you’re so sweet. I will post updates on my music once in awhile :) I’m glad you stopped by, missed ya! Hope all is well and look forward to chatting with you again :)

  4. Oh Janice! That was such a beautiful post to read.
    I have not been so busy on WP lately and today logged on and decided to go back in time to the first few people who followed my blog and catch up. You were pretty much the first and I can remember your email’s followed by my subsequent essays!! That was around a year ago.
    From 3000 miles away you have been the person I have always associated with my blog!! I kind of read this post with the same sense of sadness but also finality that I watched the last few scenes of LOST a few years ago. Isn’t it funny how sentimental we can become; I’m definitely a very sentimental person!
    I will miss you Janice like I still miss LOST. Its very strange that over six years of watching every episode of that show, when it ended, I felt like I was losing old friends. Just characters in a show but somehow we as an audience had grown with them during the course of the story. My first daughter was born at the start of season 1 and was a 6 year old when it finished!
    Our transatlantic exchange of essays have sometimes been so good for me and I have actually written and thought about stuff that I wouldn’t ordinarily have done.
    So Janice, thank you for being the foundation and bedrock of my experience with blogs and for all your kind words over the last year.
    As Desmond Hume famously said to Jack in LOST, “good luck brother, see you in another life”

    • Hi Pete!!!! I’m so glad you stopped by :) :)

      Gosh, I still remember that email like it was yesterday lol. I’m so happy to have been able to connect with you. You’ve had such a positive presence here and it’s meant so much to me every time you shared a piece of your personal life with me. I really and truly felt honoured by that. I’m happy to know that perhaps I have inspired you to think and write about things you may not otherwise have :)

      Hehe, you made me laugh and smile with the LOST analogy. I am truly happy you stopped by because you are one person I definitely want to keep in touch with. Thanks for following me on my SoundCloud and we’ll talk again in the future! :)

  5. Aww Janice I’ll miss you and your inspiring blog posts! Anyway, if it’s for the best, then it’s for the best and I respect your decision. A incredible adventure is blogging and although it’s the end of it, I hope that new interesting adventures will continue to blossom in your life :) Good luck in everything!

    • Thank you, Daphnee! I’ll miss you too, you have been such an amazing blogging friend to me, as well as an inspiration. All the best to you as well in your endeavours. I look forward to visiting you in the future again to see what new and awesome things you are up to ;) xoxoxo

  6. Awwww ! I came in late, again ! !

    You have the site that I’m always eager to read, and i mean that. But you know, I understand. I’m feeling exactly the same thing. I’m thinking long and hard about what my next move will be. Close shop too. All the bloggers on my Blogroll are gone. It’s weird.

    • Aww, thanks hun. You’re so sweet :)

      Guess everyone hits that point, or at least the thoughts of closing shop, eventually. Especially after blogging for so long. When you know 100% in your mind, it is time. So if you’re not there yet, I’m sure there will be many readers who will be happy that you’ll be sticking around ;)

      I hope we will reconnect again in the future. All the best in the meantime!!

  7. I have enjoyed your writing, your music, and your motivated. Your NMR blog added a new dimension to my life, I plan to keep it up and so far it has really been a motivator for me.
    I understand your decision and support you fully. I will miss you but hey…we will all still be around and you can drop by to see us sometimes.
    I hope you find great joy in the things you plan to do.

    • Hi Bo! I’m so happy that you plan to keep up the NMR. I know you’ve been doing so great at it and it was one reason why I kept hesitating to close up shop, but I know that you will continue to be motivated regardless! Your creative passions and drive are amazing to witness!!

      And yes, I feel happy knowing that you guys will still be around to visit in the future. Thank you so much and look forward to chatting with you again! :)

  8. I’m sorry to see you go, Janice. Although I don’t always comment, I did enjoy reading your entries. I understand your decision to close down. I’m flirting with the idea myself and I just don’t really have anything interesting to say anymore. ;) I wish you luck and look forward to receiving your music update posts.

    • Hi Diane! Thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it. I hope that you either get back that spark for writing or find something new to inspire and excite you! Best of luck to you as well and thanks so much for staying tuned for my music updates! :) xoxo

    • Thank you, Valentine!! Please continue with your training and being such an inspiration to others. You have always been one of the strongest women I’ve encountered in the WordPress community, regardless of the down and frustrated days we all have! You really have a fire inside of you that I hope will keep burning. We’ll talk again in the future! xoxo

  9. Janice, you have always been so motivating and so kind. I’ll miss you, but I understand your desire to move on. I like that you are leaving the door open a bit for us to see you in some way in the future. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your songs. Best wishes in your new endeavors.

    • Hi Maddie! Thank you so much, I’ve really enjoyed conversing with you during your time here. You’ve brought a lot of positive energy around! Thanks for the best wishes and the same to you as well :) xoxo

  10. I am so sad to hear this! Your site is one of my favorite blogs around. I love hearing about your diverse set of interests, and your always upbeat outlook on the world around you.

    Having said that, I am ridiculously happy for you that you are doing it because your time is spent following your dream. YOU GO!! I am behind you 100% and I hope one day to stumble across your name again :)


    • Hey Sarah! Aww, thanks so much, that is so flattering to know. I’m happy to know that you took such an interest in this blog. I also hope to cross paths with many of you again. I’m sure that I will. This can’t be goodbye, goodbye, right?? No way! Thank you for your encouragement and support, I am looking forward to all of the new adventures to come! xoxo

  11. Wow, this sure got my attention (I’m way behind in my blog reading, but this one got bumped to the head of the queue)!!

    Good luck with your career!! (And don’t be a stranger — would love to have you drop by from time to time.)

    • Hey you :) Glad you stopped by!
      Ah, well songwriting will not be my career if that is what you were referring to, but thank you for the good luck wishes in any case! You’ve been a great reader here! I will bookmark your site :) Happy blogging and all the best to you in the meantime!

      • I’m confused then! I just re-read your post, and it sure sounds like you’re planning to devote your energy to songwriting. What am I missing?

        But regardless, definitely best wishes for your future path!

        • Haha, yes, I plan to devote the free time that I have to songwriting. A lot of my free time (from work) had been devoted to blogging before, so now it is being transferred over to songwriting :)

          Thank you again for the best wishes, WS!

    • There will be bigger and better things to come :)
      Thanks for being one of my most supportive readers, I’ve always appreciated hearing your voice around here. Now we’ll just have to talk in person =P

  12. I woke up Sunday morning to the news of you closing shop…I’m really sad to see you go…I enjoy reading all your posts & exchanging comments with ya. I thought I found a friend on blogosphere…and then you say you’re leaving. :(((

    It’s really like a cafe that I visit regularly is closing shop…there’s an emotional attachment to it; I’d miss the people there, the good sharing times, and the vibes.

    I respect your decision. But I’d miss hearing from you. Please stay well & happy in whatever you do!!!! I wish you all the best in life!!!

    • Aww, I’m sorry, hun. You’ve been a great friend here. I’ve enjoyed our chats very much. Let’s not see this as “goodbye” but rather “we’ll talk again on your side of the fence” ;)

      Much thanks and best wishes to you in your new journey! xoxo

  13. I haven’t been around much either but I have to say that I really think you are very talented and many of your posts brought me smiles and made me laugh. It’s not easy to let go of something you put so much effort into but there will be better things to come :) Good luck with everything Janice!

    • Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that you have enjoyed your time here. There are always bigger and better things ahead and everything that’s happened during my time here has helped lead me in that direction. So I will always have great memories of Your Daily Dose! Thanks again and all the best to you as well! :)

  14. ;) my sad face first… but my ☺ happy face next because by reading your very well thought out post gives me a sense of peace. i know you are just taking the next step up in your creative journey and that is something to be cheerful about. thank you for caring enough to close this chapter of your life with us instead of just disappearing without a trace or clue…Janice, i wish you all the best and abundant blessings, always! ☼sunHUGS for your new journey.

    • Hi Sunshine!! I definitely don’t want to disappear without a trace :) I don’t want to disappear at all, really. I’d love to stop by your blogs every so often and take more time to see how you’re all doing. I know I can’t promise anything since part of the reason I’m not blogging here anymore is because of lack of time, but you all have become like my online friends and family! Thank you for always being so wonderful, encouraging, inspiring, and cheerful. All the best to you until we chat again! :)

      • hey Janice,
        i totally understand the time factor and the amount of time it takes to keep up a decent blog…also, online friendships are much like those we have in our daily lives. when friends part for reasons beyond anyone’s control, the spirit senses the loss. your journey is going in a different direction but one that will help you to grow more if you focus all your energies in that direction. makes perfect sense. i hope we do reconnect in the future. take care and my ☼sunLOVE+HUGS!!

  15. First of all, sorry to hear you’re leaving. I’ll miss your updates. To be honest, I started following you because the first posts I came across made me think you were a travel blogger. Then I saw that it was just one facet of the posts you write…but I stayed along for the ride anyway.

    Having said that, have you considered morphing into a lazy-blogger? Ie, like me? I have a fairly narrow focus — just travel or lifestyle, mostly in Asia. I might deviate from that from time to time, but unless I have something to add, I don’t. I go months without an update. And as a result, I have less followers than the daily “charisma bloggers”. I get a lot of traffic, but it’s mostly from google searches about destinations or niche topics. But as for followers, it’s something you give up when you are a part-time blogger. And that’s OK.

    One thing I’ve felt with some of your posts is that you’re posting because you feel you need to — for your followers — not because you have something inside that really needs to get out. Blogging like that becomes tiring. It’s the difference between writing for yourself, and writing just to meet a word count. The former is motivational. The latter is life sucking. This is not to say that your posts aren’t great. They are. But I can feel who you’re writing for…and when that all becomes about us and not you, then you are in that charisma blogger zone with the pressure to publish behind you.

    So why not remove that pressure — Keep your blog up, but only post when you want. And about what YOU want to share. Like your music, for example. I loved hearing those first songs you put up. I’m not likely to join another site to follow, but I sure would like to be able to follow from here. Even if you just posted mainly about music from now on…or until you travel again and want to put that info up as well…or whatever…if you post what you want, when you’re ready…you benefit because I know you love to share with a wider community. And we benefit because we get to read some amazing posts.

    Either way, best of luck with the music :)

    • Hey Mike! Thanks for your comment and thoughts. I appreciate that you stuck around this long and I’ve always been happy to hear from you :)

      I did consider becoming a “lazy blogger” but I think my way of removing that pressure you talked about was to just not put any expectations on myself as a blogger, lazy one or not. I really appreciate your and others’ interest in my music and because of that I would do updates on any new, completed songs I manage to do in the next year. I know that wouldn’t take much effort on my part :)

      There’s definitely been times where I’ve had somewhat of a writer’s block and posted something that wasn’t coming from the need to let something out. Probably happens to anyone who does post frequently. Hence, my “hiatus” a few weeks ago and my “leave of absence” now since I feel this would be the likely trend for me in the weeks/maybe months to come if I were to continue blogging. I still value the joys of blogging very much and would never want it to get to the point where I was left feeling like it was a burden. I wanted to stop blogging with some of that feeling that I would miss it so that down the road I might still have some fire left to come back to the blogging world for “round two” .. And it’s okay if I start again with only those two comments on my post =P

      Thank you again, Mike, and I look forward to chatting again with you down the road :)

      • I can definitely appreciate your rationale there. I have taken years at a time off between writing textbooks to do other things…and in as you predict, I also think that after this LOA you are going to take, you’ll come back with renewed fire in your tank. Anyway, have fun with the latest turn your life has taken into music. I think it’s amazing :)

        All the best!

    • Hi Mayra, thanks so much for your encouragement to stick around. I’m really touched by it. I have done some rethinking after reading some comments that I would at least post updates on new songs I write. I don’t foresee that there will be that many in the coming year (unless I become a songwriting machine =P), so I think it will be manageable for me. Thank you again and take care until next time ;)

        • Thank you for sending me this, Mayra. It is nice to feel the blogging encouragement from you! Who knows, I may take your advice one day and turn this into a music-related blog :) I just have to wait until I’m sure that’s the road I want to go down, but it is more than comforting to know that I will have some great supporters if I do! xoxo

    • Thank you for the best wishes and for following on SoundCloud. I appreciated your comment there! All the best to you as well and glad to have you continuing with me on my journey :)

  16. Wow, I’m so sad to see you go Janice, but I understand and hope this will be the beginning of a new chapter for you. That you’ll be able to devote your time to your passions :-)

    You were a big inspiration to me when I started blogging, you’ve reached a lot of people and you will be sorely missed. Thanks for the posts, the awesome interview, the new months resolutions and everything else :-)

    I hope you’ll release the odd music video on youtube so we can see you progress! Aw man, I was getting seriously emotional reading this post. I trust that this is for the best :-) Sending big hugs and best wishes!


    • Hey Rohan! I was emotional too writing it! I do think this is for the best, I have gone back and forth about it and I feel sure now. I’m glad that I could be a source of inspiration to you! You have a great energy as a blogger and I’m sure you will use your passion for writing and interacting with others for good things! Thank you for having been a great supporter of this blog and you will surely see an update from me somewhere ;) All the best in the meantime, Rohan!!

  17. Well, to say I will miss you would be simply understated, so I won’t do that.
    What I will do is hope that you drop by Kindredspirit23 off and on, read, and comment.
    You have always been someone I have admired and enjoyed both reading and hearing from.
    Take care…thoughts and positives your way.

  18. Janice, I will miss you, even though I haven’t been around much lately either, as I too pursue other projects. Good luck to you and it has been terrific being blogging buddies with you!


    • LOL! Not my aspiration, Sahm, but thanks for thinking that I could haha =P

      Thank you for all the time you spent here, you’ve been a great part of this community :)

  19. What a nice goodbye post! I understand…you are ready to cross into new territory, probably stuff that you’ve been eying from afar and now feel the time is right. Follow your same advice…always strive to be the person you want to be. Keep high standards and don’t ever settle for anything less. That means for you…your relationships…your dreams…your work…anything! Good that you are archiving the blog data. Also make a hard copy. You will need this for your own personal family history. ;) This was too important a part of your life to let it just disappear. Your great great grandchildren want to know! Keep the You Tube open…at least for now…I don’t know a thing about Cloud.

    Thanks for being part of my blog family…stop by anytime you feel like it!

    Love ya lots!


    • Karen! That is your name! I finally find out hehe =P

      Well, thank you so much for all of the positive energy and words of support and encouragement that you have always brought over to my side of the fence. I will be keeping a book-marked list of everyone I want to keep in touch with through their blogs and of course you will be one of them.

      You’re right, this will be such an amazing thing to look back on and to pass on to the generations to come. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it!

      Thank you again and this won’t be the last time we chat! xoxo

  20. I haven’t been around long but I’m still sad to hear this and I understand your reasons for leaving. Thanks for interacting with me on your blog and mine. Your comments were always appreciated. You’ll be missed.
    I guess this is goodbye so good luck and thank you. If I was a woman I think I’d be crying right now.


    • Haha! That’s funny =P
      Well, thank you so much for your kind words. I have enjoyed chatting with you in the short time we’ve been doing so. I think you have a lot of interesting thoughts and I encourage you to keep finding yourself and your path/passion in life. Thank you and hopefully we will reconnect in the future!

  21. Not good. But I’m glad you have something else you’re going after. Blogging is like the marijuana of creativity. It’s a good start, but if you have other things you can do more with then head off and do them.

    Be sure to keep in touch. I’ve always valued your opinion and introspect on everything. Best of luck with the music. I’ve got it bookmarked already.

    • Thank you Tim! You’ve been around since almost Day One and I’ve really valued your readership and friendship. Thank you for being one of my best supporters :) I do feel like blogging has sort of launched me into a new direction that I want to give more of my time exploring. But believe me, I’m truly emotional saying good-bye to this blog!
      – Janice

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