Eat, Drink and Hike in Korea! (Seoul Photoblog 2)

Hey everyone! Are you ready to work up a sweat and eat some more delicious food in Korea with me? :)

Let’s go!

One thing that we wanted to experience while in Seoul was its beautiful mountains. But we weren’t gonna be doing anything too strenous here, people. We’re on vacation! =P

So, on the recommendation of the truly wonderful receptionist at our hotel, off we went on the bus to check out Bukhansan Mountain.

Bukhansan Mountain has a trail called Dulegil which goes around the foot of the mountain, so it’s a relatively easy trek. This is where the bus dropped us off to start our journey.

Before the trail begins (and actually, throughout the trail as well), there are exercise machines if the hike ain’t enough exercise for you already!

Signs on the trees tell you what type they are. There’s some kind of ecological centre near the beginning of the trail — I think they study and even plant some of the flowers and plants around here.

Okay, let’s begin the hike! :)

The ajummas (older ladies) were out in full-force in their visors and hiking workout suits.

Not sure what’s going on with my face here.

At some point along the trail, there was a lookout with a hazy view of the city.

Every so often, we’d see one of these signs with inspirational poems or quotes along the trail. I totally fell in love with this one. Eyes front, head high to the finish. See it through!

Having a grand ol’ time.

I think I was actually pretty tired at this point!

Towards the end of the hike, there was an observatory deck that gave you a spectacular view of the city buildings and mountains.

More deep thoughts, this one by Nelson Mandela.

That a way to the finish!

Y’all know what all that hiking meant …

The best kalbi jjim in Seoul!!! Oh my word.
The meat just fell off the bone. It was PERFECTION in a bowl.

We ate with a friend who was also visiting Seoul at the time and cheered to some makgeolli with Sprite — yum!

After dinner, we checked out a bar where the bartenders were doing awesome stunts and fire shows with their bottles and shakers!

Our last day in Seoul! We wanted to check out a restaurant specializing in bibim bap, which is a Korean dish where you mix rice with a bunch of different veggies and meat (you can add an egg) in a stone pot.

So … hard … to … finish … all … of … it.

Hm, I don’t remember the name of this shopping district, but I DO remember that it was PACKED.

We met up with my nieces to end the trip with one last Korean BBQ dinner.

One thing I’ve been getting into as part of my world travels is enjoying the experience of watching a movie in another country. (This photo was actually taken the day before at another theatre where Dark Knight Rises was sold out.)

This night, we managed to get seats and sat in the “sweet box.” It was like watching the movie from the comfort of your own home ;)

The next day, we said our farewells to the Motherland and got one more glimpse of Korea in the airport before flying off to Toronto :)

– Cafe <3

P.S. Speaking of hiking, I am currently on Day 5 of my 9-day hiking trip in Killarney Provincial Park (no, I’m not blogging in the woods :). Leave me some love in the box below and I’ll holla back at you when I return!


43 thoughts on “Eat, Drink and Hike in Korea! (Seoul Photoblog 2)

  1. Colors, colors in photos, you ask? Your photos look great here, it’s almost like we are in the camera taking the trip with you. Very realistic. Gave me a glance into the future, of what virtual reality will be. Very impressive, young lady.

  2. Loved your Korea pics. So funny that you went to see Da-Kuh Na-EE-tuh in Korea. Love how they spell out english words in Korean in Korea.

    • Haha yeah, that’s my new thing – going to a movie in another country. It’s a nice way to catch a breather amongst all the hectic activities of the trip :)

  3. That’s a massive cinema chair right there! :D Korean BBQ = YUM!!!!

    You look so radiant in all your photos Janice :)

    I love Korea forever! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

      • My pleasure Janice! :) I hope I can live in Korea! There are so many places to see and also the FOOD!

        I’m currently looking for jobs in Korea as an English teacher. The applications forms are overwhelming! There are too many forms to fill in, I feel that my head is going to explode just by looking at all those forms.

        Take care for now my friend. :)

  4. Do you ever sit down?

    9-day hiking trip? I really want to let you know there’s this invention called gondolas. They can take you straight up to the top of a mountain. It won’t take you 9 days.

    • All the time, Tim. All the time. I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to walking around. It’s only when I’m in nature that I get the energy for it :)

  5. Hiking in Canada, posting pictures of hiking in Korea… very confusing! Are you trying to throw us stalkers off your trail?? :) Looks like you had a fun time overseas. Hope you’re having a good time and good weather in Killarney! (Don’t look over your shoulder… winter might be gaining on ya!)

  6. A fantastic post …. your photos are brilliant – my favorite is the one with all the people, talk about a crowd and I hope you bought a hat. As I say – no panic … everybody at once. Hiking more peaceful. Food seams to be on your mind .. often, great .. so do mine. Thanks for bringing my along to all this beauty and fun.

      • Hey :) I am from germany and I have never been out of europe. I have seen many countrys near germany but thats all. I think I would not success in saving money for a jorney to korea. I just know korea from blogposts, television, books and so on. I love asian food and the architecture in your country looks amazing. It´s a country I would visit if I could. I bet I would shoot dozens of Photos over there. Greetings.

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