OMG, KOREA!!! (Seoul Photoblog 1)

Okay, folks. Hang on to your hats. Korea is finally here. Make sure you have easy access to food, because you will be starving after you are done drooling over this post ;)


At the new digs in Seoul (I think this is my new favourite pose). This is the Hyundai Residence, which feels like it used to be a university dorm. But it was very spacious, clean, and in a central location — so no complaints!

Eating like university students.
(Our midnight snack from the convenience store across the street).

The next day, we met up with my cousin who is also from Toronto but happened to be vacationing in the Motherland at the same time!

Food was top priority that morning.

This meal, called mul naengmyun, is da bomb. I don’t even know why I haven’t eaten it more often. It’s so perfect for hot summer days (there is ice in that soup).

We ended up taking a stroll afterwards around this outdoor sort of mall. Lots of cute little shops with souvenirs, clothes, and accessories.

And some guy making food.

If there was one thing we were all on board with, it was sitting down in an air-conditioned Starbucks and getting our iced coffee-mocha cookie crumble frappuccino fixes.

Fixes obtained.

We also met up with another cousin who happened to be in Korea for a couple of months, as well as our niece who has been doing her studies there. While we were waiting, we took in the sights of Seoul.

Hanging oil pumps! Mind blowing.

Koreans apparently love their chicken and beer.

Burger King seems to be favoured over McDonald’s. Very disappointing.

Didn’t try any street vendor food! Wonder if I missed out or saved my stomach …

Koreans also love their coffee. I am totally down with that ;)

Oh yeah, baby. What we’re really here for — the Korean BBQ.

It was also my first and last time during the Korea trip that I engaged in some soju-sipping. I’ve discovered that it doesn’t taste any better drinking it in the Motherland.

The next day, we went out to hunt down some lunch. My cousin asked this lady on the street to recommend something good and the lady obliged by leading us down an alleyway to some happening food spots.

We ended up at a restaurant that served dak hanmari tang (boiled chicken). I’ve never tried this before and had no idea what I was getting into. The next hour or so changed my life forever.

It was actually quite a process to eat this meal. There was a whole list of instructions on the wall next to us describing how we should be making this SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS chicken.

I don’t think we got it totally right, but it didn’t really matter. It was definitely one of the best meals we had in Seoul!

Next, we hit up the market in Dongdaemun to look around for souvenirs and other good deals!

I never got tired of marveling at the things they come up with for their t-shirt messages.

One of the market shop owners gave us some stools to rest our tired feet (and provided us with some comic relief :)

All that walking around = recovering in coffee shop with a drink and dessert!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my adventures in Seoul!

– Cafe <3

Have you been to Korea?
What are some memorable moments you had during your stay there?


49 thoughts on “OMG, KOREA!!! (Seoul Photoblog 1)

  1. i love your photographs, great shuts, i was trying to work our what it was about your pictures then it hit me its you, you are very attractive ! take care keep blogging

  2. nice pics… I just browsed through your blog. You are based in South Korea right ?.
    I must also say that while browsing your blog I realized that you are very pretty too. :)

    I for one will surely visit your blog daily to see that pretty face and know more about Korean life (I have never been to Korea )

  3. i viewed these two pages backwards, but enjoyed them both ways… you look awesome too… i following you around Seoul… such a great place…

  4. Heading up north today and starting my 9-day hike tomorrow, so will reply to any comments upon my return. Wish me luck! And stay tuned for Seoul Photoblog 2, going live next Monday evening! :)

  5. Ah, Korea! I love the soup with the whole chicken in it. It is amazing. And the amount of coffee shops is out of control. Did you do the ppopinsu (probably spelled way wrong)? That stuff is gonna blow up like Gangnam Style. Delicious.

    Looking forward to part two. Peace!

    • Haha! How ’bout that Gangnam Style? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it being played on one of our popular Toronto radio station!

      I dunno how you spell it but I know what you’re talking about and yes I did try it! I think my favourite part was the cornflakes :)

  6. Wow this is amazing! I love everything about Korea! I hope I can visit soooon :) Are you Korean Janice? When I visit, I’ll definitely ask you for more Korean information, if that’s okay? :)

    • Thanks, Sarah! I most certainly am Korean :)
      For sure, you can feel free to ask me anything. I’m not totally sure if I’m the BEST person to ask, but I’ll do what I can to help ya out!

  7. Loved the Korea post. My first time there was about 16 years ago…and I had a lot of the same observations — holy crap there are a lot of coffee shops…but there were all so funky and cool (now they seem to be more Starbucks clones, but that’s “progress” I suppose.). And the food. Damn! Loved it. Keep the great posts coming!

    • Hi Valentine! Yes, I remember you mentioning that about your brother. I think Korea is definitely an interesting enough place to put on your travel wishlist. And the food …. oh my :)

  8. Yay you finally got the pictures up! After you kept mentioning them you had me curious. And yes despite having just eaten dinner I am now hungry once again thanks to all of your food photos lol!

    • I know, yay! It was about time! Haha, I hope everyone who reads this post now goes out to have some Korean food in honour of the Motherland :D (although it just won’t taste as good as how it’s made over there — yummmmmmmmmmmmm).

  9. What fabulous photos. They give an insider’s view of Seoul which is a first for me. Everything looks so clean and fresh. Did people mention your accent? Maybe you don’t have one. :)

    • Hi souldipper! Thanks for enjoying :)
      Nope, no one mentioned my accent. I don’t know if I have an accent. It’s funny, us Canadians are always like, we don’t have accents! But people from other countries will comment that we say certain words differently. I guess that would be very ego-centric of us to say we’re the ones who talk “normal” and everyone else in the world are the ones with accents =P

  10. definitely was good to see this post… made me reminisce over the summer… which now seems to be long gone now. :( boo. bring back all that good food!!!! btw. let’s meet up for some korean food here on this side of the globe. I’ve lots to share and even give you…

    • Cris!!!!!!!!!!! Hi :)

      I had such an awesome time with you, I am so, so happy that you were there with us. Not just because you saved me from having to speak more Korean (lol) but because it was so nice being with family :)

      I’m totally down for some Korean food in T.O. How about early October? (leaving for my 9-day hiking trip tomorrow!) Can’t wait to catch up! <3

  11. You’re right! Good thing I’d eaten, or I’d be drooling!!

    Did you pick up any Korean while you were there (you can interpret that any way you like) ;)

    Nice pix; thanks for the tour!

    • LOL! I didn’t pick up much Korean (the language) while I was there =P
      But I was forced to use it a bit more than I normally would back here.
      Thank YOU for joining the tour! :)

  12. Beautiful tour guide and beautiful pictures! I totally would of stopped at street side food vendors lol! there’s just something about those I can’t say no to :)

    I’m not sure I would of followed the instructions to cook a whole chicken though, how long did it take for the whole thing to be cooked right?

    • Haha thanks, Andy! (And thanks for re-blogging!!!)

      Well, I guess missing the street food gives me one reason to go back there lol.

      Hm, the chicken must have already been almost cooked, because we weren’t sitting there forever waiting for it to be ready. It probably just needed a lil bit of heating up =P

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