Falling in Love with Boracay (Boracay Photo Blog 2)

As much as we were in Boracay, Philippines to experience new and different things, there were three things we ended up doing almost every day during our stay there.

The first was that we started off our day having breakfast at 928 Cafe & Grill, and then picking up a fruit shake.

Having my morning coffee at Cafe & Grill 928. (That kid is so cute! *doh*)

As I said in my last post, two dollar breakfast. I love you, Boracay.

Top it off with an egg.

Having my mandatory daily mango-banana shake at Truly Fruity.

Having a taste of some buko juice. Right out of the buko! :)

The second habit we developed in Boracay was ending every evening with an hour-long massage. I’m not sorry.

Lastly, we discovered a place on the island that I wanted to go back to every evening. Let me tell you how this came about …

We had been feasting on a buffet at one of the strip’s on-the-beach restaurants (remember the three crabs I ate) where we could hear a live band playing next door. I completely fell in love with the voices of the male and female singers who we could hear singing renditions of some popular songs.

I was so drawn to their singing that all throughout dinner I was just waiting to finish eating so I could find out who had these magical voices. So after demolishing the crabs, we ran over next door (it was pouring rain that evening) to Don Vito Ristorante where the band Everyday People were jamming.

Voice as smooth as butter *melting*

Prim, who would be our waiter for the rest of the week, was super friendly and took great care of us. Over the week, we chatted about the Philippines, Toronto, family, and work. We also found out that he liked to sing and play the guitar. We also made friends with Ian, the dancing waiter. Both Prim and Ian were examples of how awesome the people in Boracay were. Their friendliness and openness were definitely part of what made my time there so amazing.

With the incredible singer from Everyday People and Prim! (I asked Prim’s manager if we could hear him sing with the band and he said yes! Prim did an awesome rendition of “I Wanna Be A Billionaire”! :)

The other amazing thing about Boracay is their beach. We had gone during the low season when much of the sand was covered by water and so the beach was just a narrow strip. A few months ago, we would have seen a larger stretch of white sand. But we definitely preferred to be there during the low season when it wasn’t as expensive, crowded, or hot.

I’m normally not a beach person, but I loved walking around in my barefeet on the soft, white sand with the water around my ankles. The water was very clear and beautiful shades of blue. I was in love!

Sailboats and paragliders everywhere! (Just happened to catch one of each in this shot).

Some cloudy days, but overall we got plenty of sun and not much rain!

Long walks on the beach require massag-ee every day.

Having a drink with a view of the beach. Who could ask for more? WHO?

Posing with Willy’s Rock. Not sure who Willy is.

Panoramic view of my new, temporary home.

The sunset brought out the most amazing cloud patterns and colours.

I think I fulfilled my cloud obsession while I was in Boracay, how ’bout you?

My last sunset on Boracay *sob*

Last post in the Boracay series coming up soon! Find out which exciting excursions we picked as our adventures of the week!

– Cafe <3


86 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Boracay (Boracay Photo Blog 2)

  1. It sounds like you had a great trip! I hope to visit Boracay soon as well. It sounds like the beach life was amazing too. Were the hour long massages you got on the beach full body ones too?

    • Hey Steph! Thanks for reading, I recall nothing but good things about Boracay :) I believe the massages were full body ones — it’s been so many years, I can’t remember exactly! But you can definitely get full-body massages there for way cheaper than in North America (assuming that’s where you’re from).

      • Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond, i was on another trip for a little while. That’s cool, it must have been a great experience! I hope to get out there someday. heh yeah I live in Toronto area, guess you wouldn’t know any place here that has good full body or hot stone massages?:)

        • No worries! As you can see, I’m totally behind on replying!! Oh, there was this place I went to a few times in Yorkville for a hot stone massage that was amazing, but it was so long ago I forgot the name of the place!! Maybe it was Summerhill Spa. But it HAS been many years since my last visit, so not sure the people have changed or not!

    • Hey Peter! It’s nice to relive those memories, huh? It really was such a memorable place and many days I long to go back :)
      Thanks for writing!

    • It was the nicest beach I’ve ever been on (although I can’t say I’ve been on many). I’m not a beach person but I really loved walking along this one :)

  2. will be there this oct 8, hope i have a great time there as it will be my first time going there, you blog have gave me rough idea around there, thanks

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  4. Wov … wouldn’t mind that $2.00 breakfast .. and those drinks you’re sipping on. This is a fantastic post .. colorful, full of your thoughts .. your joy and your choices. Wonderful photos to go with it. Awesome!

    • Hi viveka! Thanks for your wonderful comment and for the follow! Yup, we clearly didn’t mind the $2 breakfast haha. Wish food was that cheap over here!

  5. Simply awesome! I’m also a creature of habit on vacation, and finding an amazing live music venue is pretty much top of my list at beach resorts. Sounds like that band you found was excellent. Anyway, loved the post and super duper sobrang maganda photos of the beach and sunset! Mabuhay ng Boracay, indeed!

  6. Sweet pics! I spent three days in Boracay and it was pretty cool. Was excited to see your pic with Willy’s Rock. I remember that was a decent shawarma place around the middle of the beach and I’d go get shawarma’s constantly. Maybe it’s a little sad that the food I remember most from Boracay is the shawarma. Anyways, you’re right, the Filipino breakfast is outstanding. Sigh – wish I was back now! Peace Janice!

    • Haha, no shame in the shawarma. I was eating fried chicken while I was over there! I guess as adventurous as I’d like to be, I always end up sticking with the things I really like :)

  7. This post made me miss Boracay so much. The sunset there was truly one of the best. It just takes your breath away. I miss Boracay so much! Did you try some water activities?

  8. I really love your recent travel posts particularly this one Janice! My favourite is number 5 with you sipping from that fruit in your hat!! You look refreshed, relaxed and happy!! :)

  9. You certainly seem to be enjoying youself to the fullest! I am so jealous! ;) the pictures are beautiful and definitely “jealousy-evoking” :p

  10. In every picture you seem to be posting from these vacations you either look like you’re having a great time or you’re really annoyed. Is the person with the camera screwing up a lot and we’re seeing “Take 5” on most shots?

    I’m no a beach person either but damn that does look really nice.

  11. AWESOME!! You can thank Andy1976… or is it 1906, or 1926? I can’t remember!! But you can thank him I chanced by.

    My gosh Janice,sincerely, you have holidayed so much, I am posiitively jealous!! You seem to be alike Paris Hilton!!

    Hope that’s not an insult!

    Thing is, these pics are great, just so great. I hope you realise, you are a very, very attractive woman.


    • LOL you are so sweet, Noeleen!

      I have more holidaying to do (in the backcountry). Can’t wait to go camping soon! I guess that’s not really like Paris Hilton haha … no, don’t worry I’m not insulted =P

      Btw, I was by your blog recently, I hope you didn’t miss my comment. Loving the new layout, btw!!

  12. What a lovely place. To see that sunset in person, from the beach, whilst sipping on something infuriating, holding my lady’s hand, and conjuring up what that moment means with a bit of word play.

    Awesome pics. Note to self: visit Borocay.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you mentioned that because sometimes it’s actually hard for me to just do photo blogs and post up pics randomly. I do get to missing the writing, so I’m glad you found some kind of story-telling aspect to this :)

  13. Darn it!
    This is so damn beautiful!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. I want Boracay!
    You’re so lovely here gorgeous, lovely like the nature surrounds you.

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