Welcome to the Philippines! (Boracay Photo Blog 1)

With the dragonboat races behind us, I was ready to begin my fun-in-the-sun vacation in Boracay!

As soon as we arrived at Manila Airport, I started to get a taste of what the Philippines would be like when four employees at Burger King chimed out greetings to us as we walked in and then spotted a woman giving a massage to two customers eating their lunch.

We couldn’t figure out if she was a Burger King employee or someone’s personal masseuse. I swear she was wearing the BK uniform!

Took a plane from Manila to Caticlan. Almost at our destination! …

After landing in Caticlan, we were immediately approached by a man asking if we needed a motortrike taxi to take us to the boat (that would take us to Boracay Island), which we did. After double-checking with the people inside the airport, we followed his direction across the street and I got my first of many rides in a motortrike.

Okay, so this was actually my second motortrike ride. The first pic was too blurry.

Hit My Ride, yo.

The motortrike dropped us off at the boat terminal, where we climbed on board our vessel via a narrow, sketchy piece of wood. The whole boat looked quite primitive but it got us from point A to point B in good time!

Not so great was when we were trying to catch the plane going back to Hong Kong and the boat broke down! We had to climb onto another boat and we ended up missing our flight! :(

You failed me.

Boatman pushing the boat away from the dock with a long stick.

We quickly reached Boracay Island where we were treated to another motortrike ride to our hotel, Boracay Island Garden Resort. We had finally arrived in paradise!

Advertising the Boracay Garden Resort.

There was some event going on at our hotel with these groups of tribes. I woke up on the first morning to some LOUD ASS drumming that went on FOR HOURS *shakes fist*

I still enjoyed my stay there.

Checking out the scene from our floor’s balcony.

I have to say that the hotel room wasn’t the nicest, but there were several swimming pools which I enjoyed :)

After we settled into our room, we headed out for some exploring. That was when I started to notice something very strange …

… A Korean restaurant in our hotel …

… Another Korean restaurant a few doors down …

… Korean restaurants everywhere!! …

… Korean people everywhere!!!

Where the heck were we?! I thought Korea was our next vacation stop?!?!

Well, we soon found out that Boracay is a prime vacation spot for Koreans. Many of the signs on shops are translated in Korean, and the locals who are constantly trying to sell their services have picked up on how to say certain phrases in Korean, like: “Over here!”

There is a consistent barrage of: “Massag-ee, ma’am?” “Jet ski, sir?” “Hat and sunglasses, sir?” “Mango, ma’am?” as you walk down the strip lined with restaurants, souvenir shops, food stands, massage places and groups of locals offering to take you on excursions for a “secret price.”

Ladies selling sweet mangoes and hair-braiding services.

We bought two mangoes and they were yummy!

Souvenir stands and henna tattooing.

One of the things I loved about Boracay was eating — food will make or break a vacation spot for me. There was a great variety of food that catered towards tourists — some of it Filipino-influenced and some of it familiar to our foreign tastebuds.

Finally killed my months-long craving for KFC. That’s a mug of iced tea, by the way.

Two dollar breakfast.

Soup break!!

Ten dollar buffet.

Had three of these bad boys.

Went over to the 2 Seasons Hotel for a fancy-schmancy meal. (It was still pretty cheap).

There were many other reasons why I fell in love with Boracay, but I can’t spill the beans all in one post! So stay tuned for more on the new friends we made, our excursion adventures and photos of the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been on!

– Cafe <3

Have you been to Boracay or elsewhere in the Philippines? What are some of your favourite memories of this beautiful country?


73 thoughts on “Welcome to the Philippines! (Boracay Photo Blog 1)

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  3. Wow! You came came here in the Philippines,in Boracay to be exact! We could have meet up but I’m here in Davao from where I am typing this comment. LOL!
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post.Seemed like I tagged along with your trip, too.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your stay with all the variety of food you’ve devoured!
    Sorry about the boat and all the little mishaps. :)

    and p.s: The Korean wave hits in Boracay,also here in Davao. :)

    • Haha I guess the Koreans love the Philippines in general. I can see why!

      I’ve never heard of Davao (I love how I’m learning about all these different places in the Philippines). What’s it like there? Similar to Boracay?

      Thanks for reading, Ninay! I had an amazing time. Next post coming up …. NOW! :)

  4. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Boracay but sorry to learn about you missing your flight…bad boat haha….

    I agree Koreans are everywhere here, they are aplenty in Cebu, as well. Looking forward for your next post….

    • LOL it was such a terrible experience, but in the end things worked out better than they could have ended up being!

      So interesting about the “Korean invasion” =P I never knew!

      Thanks for visiting, aRVee! :)

      • You’re welcome Cafe and now I have a key word for your Boracay experiene, “boat” – lol, but seriously glad you enjoyed your stay.

        Yeah there are so many Koreans here and I believe they love it here, or so I thought…

        Have a great day! :)

  5. Funny, even closer to their homeland the Korean massage ladies are obnoxious when offering a back rub.

    When you finish these posts I will go back and see if I can notice any weight gains that occurred.

  6. Hi Cafe,

    Nice post! I’m from the Philippines but have not been to Boracay yet. I think Koreans are not only ubiquitous in Bora but even in Manila, there is a community of Koreans concentrated somewhere in Quezon City :-)

    Happy travels!

    • Hi Mafey!
      Thanks for your comment :)
      So tell me what Manila is like? We wanted to go to a beach resort which is why we chose Boracay, but I wonder if Manila could be a future destination spot? :)

  7. Cafe: what beautiful photographs – the food looked delicious too – i didn’t even noticed your bright colored swim suite at the pool :) looks and sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.

  8. glad you liked it in boracay. it’s one hell of a tourist destination but it’s fast becoming too commercial. you can find koreans everywhere in the philippines, even in schools. in my former university, there are now more koreans than any other foreign students. filipinos are also crazy about korean soap operas. next time you visit the philippines, try amanpulo if an ultra-private beach is your thing.

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