Hong Kong Photo Blog 2

I hope you’re all ready for some photos from my adventures in Hong Kong!

WARNING: Some images (pigeon) may be disturbing and cause immediate loss of appetite. Viewer discretion is advised.

As most of you know, I was in Hong Kong to watch the world club crew championship dragon boat races.

The marching band putting on a show!

Parachuters with red smoke circling down from the sky.

A group of the paddlers went to a children’s home to donate some essentials.

I am avoiding eye contact with the pigeon on the left as I am typing this. It tasted really good as long as I didn’t look at it.

Cooling off in our hotel room at Panorama Hotel.

Spectators unite for more dragon boat watching.

Shining example of a loyal dragon boat spectator.

Balloon clowns and ladies brightening up the scene.

The races are over — time to celebrate with some long-awaited dim sum in Hong Kong!

Beautiful night view of the Hong Kong harbour.

We actually returned to Hong Kong after the Philippines for a weekend. I realized that I hadn’t been taking many photos because Hong Kong has become like another home to me — so things that first-time visitors might find new and interesting had become normal and just part of the background for me.

So I decided to keep my eyes open as we went around the city and take some shots of things that really were interesting and, in particular, different from what I normally see in Toronto. Like their double-decker trams (above).

I actually meant to take a photo of the building behind it, because the amount of air conditioners on it is pretty representative of Hong Kong’s hot and humid weather and the fact that they love to blast the A/C indoors. As I was getting ready to take the photo, the tram stopped in front for a really cool shot.

Not only do they deliver, but they deliver 24/7. Ba da ba ba ba …

I absolutely love Hong Kong’s subway system. This is one of the most glaring differences between this city and Toronto, which has the most ancient, inefficient transit system ever created by humankind. I am not bitter and traumatized, no.

Where you are in the world, do your subway stations also have these glass doors between the train tracks and platform? Wondering how common this is.

The crowds of people in Hong Kong are also a feature of this city. And it’s very common for people to walk around during sunny days with umbrellas (not something I see in Toronto).

Having breakfast at Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant. Iced milk tea is a drink you have to try in Hong Kong!

Also something interesting about Hong Kong is that most places will bring you the bill right away, before you’ve finished eating.

Took a trip over to Times Square for some shopping.

Inside Times Square mall. The portrait here is made up entirely of books.

Hong Kong’s other main modes of transportation are double-decker buses and taxis.

Beautiful architecture. Lovin’ that Lippo building.

Home cooking (I didn’t do the cooking). This is called pee in your pants shrimp. Maybe because they are so scary looking they make you want to pee in your pants?

Something that looks like a snail but isn’t. Also tasty!

Fresh crabs! We really got the special treatment :)

Last night in Hong Kong at a karaoke bar. Another difference from Toronto is that you can smoke inside this karaoke (not that I did, but other people were). I guess that’s one good change that happened in Toronto.

Each of the pitchers (coke, green tea, and orange juice) were mixed with a glass of scotch. Cheers!

– Cafe <3

* * *

Next stop: Boracay Island in the Philippines!


47 thoughts on “Hong Kong Photo Blog 2

  1. Two thumbs up on the photographs…I think I would love the energy and food in Honk Kong…shit…just put some good sauce on that pigeon and eat up…wash down with a little scotch…lmao

    • Hahaha…the pigeon was actually really, really good. I just couldn’t look it in the eye, blegh. Yes, I think you’d like HK, but maybe not the crowds. Probably the most crowded place I’ve ever been to.

  2. This makes me very homesick for Asia – I miss the food so much (I once ate a pigeon like that in Taiwan, except it was cut into chunks so I didn’t realise I was chewing on it’s neck until it was too late!). I’ve only spent a week in Hong Kong, but I’d love to go back some day.

    • Heya! Haha, I wish that pigeon had been cut into pieces, but one of our pigeon-eating mates wanted the experience of having it delivered to our table whole! =P

      Hong Kong is a great city to go back from time to time and enjoy the food and nightlife! The food is also amazing in Korea! (Korea post with lotsa food pics coming up soon hehe).

  3. i think “pee in your pants shrimp” was a very good name describing how these creatures were served :) i was amazed to see all of the white buildings – are these new to Hong Kong – i’ve enjoyed your post very much.

    • Haha, don’t you feel like you’re in a bit of a nightmare looking at them? But they were so yummy!
      Hm, I don’t know that they’re new. I’ve been to HK a couple times in the past 4 years and I didn’t notice anything drastically different with the architecture. Seeing all of the clusters of buildings from afar is quite amazing though :)
      Thanks so much for reading!

  4. Wow, what beautiful photos. I think some fast food franchises in Manila, Philippines also deliver!! It was most peculiar to me. The photo of the cityscape at night is gorgeous! What a remarkable place.

    • Hey Krista! So do you live in Manila or you just went to visit?

      Thanks, I really like that photo as well! It’s a very unique place that I think is great to visit at least once :)

  5. Hi Janice!
    The pigeon…………………!!!
    I’m sure it was tasty but I think I’d have stuck to any chicken on the menu!! :) Mind you, if the chicken was served up staring at me I think I’d have avoided that too!!! :) Great picture of you on the balcony at night – what a magnificent view!! Lovely!

  6. Was the pigeon eating you did done out of revenge for something a pigeon had done to you previously? I could never eat a pigeon. Especially one looking like a pigeon.

    Does the McDonalds there have anything strange? Pigeon McNuggets? I can’t believe you ate a damn pigeon.

    • I don’t like pigeons. When they walk around, they’re not afraid of humans so they don’t move out of your way. And they are creepy looking cooked or uncooked, in my opinion. But no, my distaste for pigeons (no pun intended — ‘cuz they really are yummy!) did not compel me to eat one.

      I didn’t go into one McDonald’s in Asia! I had fully intended to so I could see what cool and interesting things they had there :(

    • True, Valentine! They are really so up-to-date on things, I love that. And then I hate Toronto when I get back for being so archaic lol. I still love Toronto for other things :)

      Food is awesome in Asia. I really can’t wait until I read your future blog post on everything you ate on your future trip to Asia! ;)

  7. Oh, the pigeon. I remember.

    On my first trip to France, my husband and I stayed in a lovely Chateau in Brittany. We had one of the most delicious meals I have ever tasted. Poultry in an apricot sauce. It was wonderful. Until I realized that the poultry was looking back at me, with a tiny piece of noodle on its eye where its pupil stood. Suddenly I stopped talking. How can you talk when your dinner is staring back at you?

    Lovely photos, though, otherwise!

  8. Yay, Janice! I love your HK photos. They make me want to go back. :) All looks incredible – the food, the harbour at night, the iced milk tea (yum, I agree!), the colourful boats, the hotel room. All except the pigeon…I just can’t get on board with the pigeon. :p What you said about taking photos in a place that you’re familiar with makes total sense. I consider Berlin and Chicago like other homes now and feel the need to take fewer photos and just enjoy while I’m there. Keep up the fun!

    • Hey, Tara! It’s nice to see you here! :)
      Glad you enjoyed the photos and brought back some nice memories. Haha, that pigeon head is so creepy, I just want to curl up and bawl lol.

  9. Ohhh emmm geee …
    Gorgeous, thanks for the photos. Feels like I’ve been in HK too. And hey, you look so beautiful of those pics. Crabs must like be in heaven knowing that you like em and smiled to them.
    HAHA(silly) =P

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