Inspire Me

Lately, all I’ve wanted is to be inspired. Inspired to dream. Inspired to know that there’s bigger things out there waiting to be experienced. Inspired to think outside the box of my own little world as I know it.

When I was younger, one of my secret wishes was to be a photographer for National Geographic. I loved reading the magazines, marvelling at the extraordinary photos that someone got to take. Yes, some other person was in that place that I could only stare at on the page before me.

They got to view that beautiful landscape in person, or witness that animal as it was gliding in motion. I would daydream that I was that world explorer, riding along the Serengeti in Africa in a jeep, waiting for the opportune moment to capture something crazy spectacular that unfolded before my eyes.

That dream was eventually forgotten, but I still love reading National Geographic and I still get that inspired feeling when I gaze at the photos that have been shot all around the world by adventurers. Or that feeling of complete disbelief when I read articles like the one about free-climbing (where people mountain climb up thousands and thousands of feet without any ropes or harness).

It’s not that I necessarily want to be inspired to scale a mountain ropeless (I don’t). But I want to be inspired to know that there’s a whole wide world out there that’s so incredibly different and beautiful, and that if someone else could have been there to take a picture of it, well, then no doubt I could be there too.

– Cafe <3

Top photo: Moonlit Canoe, Alagash River

Morning Landscape, Lithuania

Tundra Trek, Svalbard

Aurora Borealis, Iceland

Olympic National Park, Washington

Waikawau Bay, New Zealand

Yosemite Free-Climber

Serengeti, Tanzania

Oceanic White Tip Shark, Bahamas

If you could be teleported to anywhere in the world — on the peak of a mountain, at the bottom of the ocean, or maybe just on the patio of a coffee shop in another country — where would you want it to be?

 Dream big!

All photos from National Geographic


51 thoughts on “Inspire Me

  1. This is one of my biggest dreams: to travel the world and be able to witness face to face with those epic moments of blissful nature! But my favourite of all is the Aurora Borealis… since I watched the animation “The Polar Express” when I was small.

    • Yes! I want to see the Northern Lights too! I’m planning to go next year and hunt them down :)
      Knowing you, I’m sure you’ll get to witness those moments soon as you’re able to!

      • Oh you HAVE to!!! They are SO beautiful (I saw them a couple times back in my long hauling days in a tractor trailer),I even took some crappy pics of them-which burned in the house fire last year :(,LOL :P

        The DC

        • I already know what my reaction will be when I see them. I’m sure it is just so breath-taking. I can’t imagine what it would be like to witness them in person.
          Aww, well you will just have to go hunt them down again so you can take some non-crappy pictures that you can keep forever :)

  2. I’d want to be transported to either Yosemite trying to climb that mountain, If not then at least a swim with that shark! you only live once after all right :)

    • I know, huh? There’s something about the Olympic National Park that really gets me, probably because I imagine what it would feel like to be on a portage but with gigantor trees like that around me. Just feels so magical :)

  3. Small world indeed…as you aren’t the only one with similar dreams as a child (in my case,a young lad ;) :P),I still occasionally pick up the latest copy of NG :)

    Where? Tough question…I’ve been to every state and two other countries (same continent though),yet there is so much I’ve never seen. I would have to say though,if my Wife and Kids couldn’t come along for the teleportation,I’d want to stay wight where I am. If they could….somewhere we’ve never seen,and can all enjoy together (no,my Wife isn’t reading this over my shoulder,hahaha! :P )

    Awesome post!

    The DC

    • It is a timeless magazine :)
      Wow, every state? That’s impressive. Which do you think is the most beautiful state?
      Haha good answer whether she is reading over your shoulder or not! =P

      • On the good answer part…she doesn’t have to be looking for me to brag on her,she’s awesome (even though she doesn’t bicycle…:P ),the love of my life,and has been the best part of it (my life) for 20 years this year :)

        Yep,every state (though I cheated in a couple…went past my delivery or pick up because I was close enough to go one exit into,hahaha!)…IDK which I find most beautiful-I love the beauty of the southwest’s deserts,but long for the wildness of the northwest,enjoyed riding the (relatively) flatness of the plains states,but have always felt home on the east coasts wilderness and more dense cities…is “All of them” a cop-out of ananswer? :P We (as humans) are blessed to have an awesomely beautiful world to call home :D

        The DC

        • Awww so sweet! Congratulations, 20 years is a long time and it’s great that you are still head over heels in love :)

          No, I’ll accept that as a non-copout haha. We humans love diversity as well so your explanation is a good one!

    • (contacting your wife.. dialing)The number you dial is wrong spelling! :P
      LOL Steve! :P
      Wish I have the ability of teleportation! (tele…tele porting………)

  4. You should just have your own National Geographic. I love taking pictures too. Mostly of Toronto. Last summer I took my camera and went down to St. Lawrence market every other Sunday. Its hard not to find inspiration there.

    I say take advantage of this weather and take a whole bunch of photos and print yourself a photo book. :)

  5. The ocean has always captured my attention. I think somewhere like a mountain in Tibet would be pretty cool. I don’t mind cold weather and monks are pretty quiet.

    Or a deserted Pacific Island. I’d do nothing but sit on the beach (and I hate the beach!!!) but if I was there I would enjoy it. Maybe it’s because in my imagination I also don’t have any other worries.

    • I just watched the “Oceans” video from the Human Planet series last night. They showed the Pacific Islands, it’s crazy beautiful. The ocean is such amazing colours. I don’t like the beach as well, but I know what you mean about enjoying it if you were in a particular place.

      I’m actually petrified of the ocean, which is why I could barely bring myself to post the photo of the shark and I didn’t post any other water-related photos. But if you love the water, it seems like such a magical place to be in. If you can get your hands on the Human Planet vid on the oceans, I recommend it! :)

      • I might feel like I’m drowning watching it. I think I’m more amazed by Atlantis and other made up things than the actual ocean. I used to want to be the one to discover it. Yeah, then what? A flood happened. Big deal. Plato wasn’t a liar.

  6. Hi,
    The world is truly a marvelous and fascinating place, so many wonders to see in every country. I also read National Geographic and there articles are fantastic, so much to learn about so may different subjects. :)
    Great photos you have chosen for your post.

  7. Always be inspired Janice! Just look at my picture and you will be :P (kidding :D )
    Cool selected photos, the shark is cute..hope they’ll just have that impression for the rest of their water life!!

    • Hehehe, you’re so adorable Shira =P
      Thanks, I just picked the ones that spoke to me. The free climber and the shark scared me more than anything else, but the rest I can imagine being there and just wanting to die of happiness!
      Hey, so you didn’t tell me where in the world you’d want to be? :)

      • Oh please, don’t die yet, not unless you’ve seen me in real! :P

        u mean place where I want to settle? First choice is IRELAND! Always dreaming to be there SOMEDAY, but been there last night, in my dreamland! :D :P

        • Haha don’t worry, I aint dying off anytime soon =P
          Doesn’t have to be where you wanna settle but that’s amazing you want to go to Ireland! How did that become your dreamland??

          • How and Why Ireland?
            Ehem.. (handing you a cup of coffee, and me sitting beside you… story telling time :P )
            Long time ago….. there’s a cool loving boy band which name WESTLIFE. They are Irish which means they live in Ireland. There’s a lil cutie kid amazed with their songs. Even she’s still a kid.. she come to love their songs.. dance with the bop bop baby! Do a lil rap in world of our own!
            ha ha ha

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