Back From Hibernation. Hello World!

Wassuuuuup! Cafe in da house! I feel like I’ve been teleported back into life as we know it. It was seriously a very strange four days away from anything social media, email, and especially the blogosphere!

As most of you know, I had taken it upon myself to swear a vow of abstinence from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, YouTube, and even emails for four days. It had just seriously felt like my life had come under the control of the Crackberry and I had to do something drastic about it.

SO. Are you ready to go through my four-day hibernation journey with me? Alright, here we go! …

Day 1 — Monday

Day 1 really started on Sunday evening when I sent off my final updates and messages and then laid the Crackberry to rest. I actually felt relief. I felt this weight off my shoulders. I literally had a big smile on my face. I watched TV for the rest of the evening, not worrying about having to hear the incessant *pinging* throughout. I knew I had made the right decision to do this crazy thing I had decided to do.

Monday rolled around. One of my rules was that if I wanted to write about anything (that was not work-related), it would have to be handwritten in a notebook. This was just another way to get me away from my laptop. Out came the journal I had written four pages in since I bought it months ago. The writing began …

The rest of Monday flew by without a hitch. I think I even managed to write some seriously deep shit in my journal. The Crackberry-turned-phone had been deathly silent. I found myself wondering: Has life gone on without me?

Then I reassured myself: Of course not. The earth has stopped spinning, everyone out there is frozen in time, awaiting your return from hibernation. That made me feel much better.

Day 2 — Tuesday

Well, Tuesday brought about a newfound gusto for life. Passion! Motivation! Goals for the future! I was secretly creating magic in my little cave and nobody knew it.

Okay, so seriously. I have been learning to play a song on the piano these past few days that I completely fell in love with a few months ago. And while it was easy being all ballsy and courageous while in the cave by myself, I am now hoping I will see this recording through and be able to post a video or something up here. And if it doesn’t happen — well, just know I used my discretion that it was the best for all of us ;)

The song, by the way, is from the Hunger Games movie soundtrack. And I was coincidentally lent the book to read during my leave of absence. LORD ‘A MERCY, IT IS SO GOOD!!! What a page turner! I now have the second and third books in my possession. Have y’all read it? Are you in love or what??? Get on it, people!

Day 3 — Wednesday

Oh boy. Wednesday was hard. Wednesday was when I started wondering what was going on in the world out there. Of course I could call people or even text them, but honestly? I hate talking on the phone. I won’t even text most people. I prefer having conversations in person. And if I can’t have that, then I’m going with emails or Facebook messages where I can reply on my own time. On my terms, you know what I’m sayin’?

Okay, so instead of calling people to regain human contact, I decided to instead send off two letters! This was totally inspired by Whit from lover of the rad and fab (who was, in turn, inspired by another blogger) to send out a letter every day in March. Hope my recipients are pleasantly surprised! <3

I actually did call one person. It was so fitting that I call him because of his distaste for social media. He was actually my teacher in grade 4 and 6. After almost 20 years, I had tracked him down and we had a little reunion with some of my other elementary school buddies.

Long story short, I called him and after he found out that I had been LAZING around on my ass for weeks, he told me to get off my butt and go workout. If I could ban myself from social media for four days, I could go outside and run.

Amen! I felt a rejuvenation of sorts. “Alright, I’m going. Right now!” I declared, hanging up on him. Okay, I said bye first. But I put on my running gear and headed out for a very strenuous jog. Cafe was back in action.

Day 4 — Thursday

The Crackberry had resumed life. The notifications were turned on. The updates began appearing like a mirage on the screen. Curiosity quickly set in …

But I held off. For a few hours.

Okay, so I really realized from this whole banning experiment that I have become so dependent on social media for much of my social interaction. Is that a bad thing? I’m not sure. I see that it can go either way. And judging from people’s comments, there is a mixed reaction towards it.

I think maybe the problem is not so much about social media leading you to interact with people almost solely through social media (because, let’s face it, we probably wouldn’t keep in touch with many of those people if Facebook, etc didn’t exist). As long as we are still connecting in-person with the people we should be connecting in-person with, I think that’s okay.

The issue for me is when the social media obsession detracts from doing other things like learning a new song on the piano, working out or reading a book. I was able to find a lot of enjoyment in those things this week, so I’m happy that I was reminded of the other important things in life :)

Alright, so now I’m back and quite frankly, I don’t plan on doing that again. Maybe a day or two if I feel like it’s getting out of hand again. But four days?!?!

Gotta keep our world spinning, ya know what I’m sayin’? ;)

– Cafe <3


44 thoughts on “Back From Hibernation. Hello World!

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  2. Hi Cafe, you perk me up, then let me down. I thought you might break the habit, but no, you’re young, you’re connected, you’re already part human, part virtual. This new drug, the net, has caught you in a trap, and you’re addicted. Do you agree? Don’t take me wrong; this isn’t a criticism, just an observation. It’s become the norm. Instead of going outdoors, going back to nature, we stick machines in our faces and plugs in our ears –what’s next? What’s worse is when we are disconnected, our minds keep going back and thinking about what we will write, or post. Think about it, this stuff my be fun, but is it really worth the time? It’s just like smoking — once you start, is it easy to stop? A good sign of addiction is the inability to stop. I think part of the problem is sensory deprivation; we sort of meet the person, but there is no real life. I’m going to end up fighting this, Cafe — perhaps it’s hibernation, but when we wake up to the real world, we taste the café, we smell the perfume, we feel the morning sun, we hear the birds (haha). Do you see what I mean? Take care, I wish you happiness and the best,and hope to see you on the other side.

    • Hi Whitt! Wow, thanks for your observations. I do know what you mean completely and I’m thankful for the reminder. It’s very easy to slip back into the virtual trap. On one hand, I think there are some great things about being connected. I’m really thankful for this blogging experience and what I’ve learned from it, the people I’ve met. But of course there has to be a balance and once you go too far with being online all the time or glued to the Crackberry, then it takes away from the good stuff technology does have to offer.

      I go backcountry camping every year to get away from civilization, including the beeping phone and emails. I LOVE IT. Love not having to be connected for that short while and just listening to the birds =P

      So when you say you’re going to end up fighting this, do you feel like you need a little more un-hooking from the virtual world?

      • Yes, you are right, I was projecting my frustration about being unable to control my fascination with the “virtual trap” onto you. I’m sorry. I thought you might provide the clue on how to escape. As you imply, it’s like dieting; control myself, that’s all. I’ll probably be the last person you meet who never went on Facebook, Twitter etc, doesn’t have a smartphone by choice, and doesn’t even know what your Crackberry is. :) But blogging is fun, and I like it — typical love/hate problem. I live on a boat and refuse to do internet there, but ashore, I can’t help it.

        Anyway, I am very glad to have found your blog, and am impressed with your maturity and abilities, so I’ll be looking over your shoulder as you approach 30. Thanks so much for being patient. Write about everything you adore, you make it amusing. I’ll just nibble on the net, but you are worth reading. Best from French Polynesia. Whitt

        • Hi Whitt,

          No need to apologize, it was a good reminder for me :)

          Actually, I am inspired to do another post on this. I think it’s important to keep thinking about it, because we really do rely so much on technology and it’s not just to get around or communicate, it’s just to fill our days sometimes mindlessly as well.

          Thanks so much for the compliments and for finding me! I really appreciate it and I’m really looking forward to hearing more of your insights — really & truly! Thank you!


          • I wish I could remember exactly how I found you, but it was from an interesting comment you made on someone post.

            Your post, with the pictures of the handwritten notes of the journal, stayed in my memory long after I read it. And when I came back to read it again, I felt lost to the same feeling of hopelessness you conveyed, that “well, that’s life, and I’ll have to make the best of it.” What you say is true, that we have to use technology to further our dreams, and not just fall for it’s immediacy, it’s glimmer. You needn’t thank me; you’re the one offering bits of wisdom for your readers. Do keep writing on any subject you feel deeply about — you are able to leave an impression which lasts, and makes us reflect. Thank you again, Janice, truly. Whitt

            • Hi Whitt!
              It really means a lot to hear you say that, and I’ll definitely keep writing on the things I’m passionate about :)
              Your initial comment here motivated me to write my latest post on whether we’re wasting our time blogging. Made me think up some tips on how to use time more efficiently to keep up a blog. I’m going to keep reminding myself, Whitt!!
              Thank YOU again and all the best until next time :)

  3. You made four days sound like four weeks!lol. Congrats on the techno-sobriety btw. I don’t think I can pull it off for that long. Been meaning to ask though, are you left-handed or did photobooth pull a fast one on you again?

  4. Welcome back Ms. Janice! I missed you & glad you decided to stay with your blog. I was hoping I could find that find that Johnnie Walker Blue with you sometime! I was saving my quarters. Good to see you again!

    • Wow, I’m so discombobulated with my comments. I keep forgetting to reply to people :(
      Anyways, thank you Mr. Andy! I will not be giving up this ‘lil ol’ blog anytime soon ;)
      Hahaha, well, I was surprised the Johnnie Blue happened as quickly as it did!

  5. Welcome back Cafe! I think it’s great that you took some time to shake things up a bit. I think balance is a very good thing. Music and exercise sounds pretty invigorating. I like to put the two of them together. Music is an awesome motivator. By the way, I’m looking forward to hearing your recording. Keep us posted on that one! :)

    • Aw, thanks! Glad you’re looking forward to it. I am really pushing myself to do it. Get out of my comfort zone!! Yeah, music and exercise is the best combo! The right songs are what always get me running up that hill :)

      Thanks for your nice comment!

  6. Wednesday looked rough. But at least you can be proud of yourself for completing something you set out to do. Although, I never really cared much for bbm. Mostly because it just encourages mindless conversation to a point that you HAVE to respond since the other person knows if you read their message.

    But the facebook, wordpress and email is a killer. I can’t believe you were able to do that for 4 days. Much respect to you Janice! :)

    • Thanks Karen! Haha, Wednesday was a little rocky =P
      Yeah, I’m not much of a BBM-er either. Although I prefer it over texting for whatever reason.
      WordPress was the hardest thing to stay off of! I just kept wondering what ppl were up to haha. Hence the dream I had :S
      Anyways, thanks again! (And btw if you happen to have access to it, would you mind resending the email? I can’t find it on my BB! Thanks!)

        • No need to thank me :)
          Yeah, I know what you mean. FB is still pretty addictive for me too, but WP is up there along with it now haha. I think I’ve just come to accept it now but I’m gonna try and put some level of restraint on it =P

        • I second that ‘The Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles’ as well as hitting that refresh button to see if I’ve got any new notifications!lol. I didn’t think it would ever come to this!

    • Thanks! Well, if you change your mind, I gotta say that you will fly through the books. They’re super fast/easy/amazing to read. I hope the movie does it justice. And maybe reading it will provide some context to the movie — I’m sure there are things that might not be so easily explainable in the movie. At the same time though, the ending would be ruined. So it’s a toss-up ….
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I’m not sure if the two events are related, but you disappear for a few days and then we have a solar storm. Hum, weird. :)

    • Ha! It’s a sign! Hehe =P
      That’s so cool, I saw some pics of the Northern Lights that people could see because of the solar storm where they usually can’t. I’m definitely going to go chasing some Northern Lights next year! :)

  8. hahahaha….i love this!
    funny how life seems so different when we take out our social networks. though how great that you got some letters written :) and also a little piano practicing in. not to mention some journal entries. i think it’s nice to have al ittle break sometime….though great to have you back!!!

    • Thanks so much, Whit! Haha, you like the letter-writing, eh? Brought me back to my high school days when I’d write these long ass letters to my friends who were sitting right next to me in class lol. Fun =P
      Life did seem so different. It was bizarre after a while. Bizarre good and then bizzare I’m done with this now haha.
      Have a great weekend, my dear! :)

  9. You survived it! Looks like you barely did, but you’re alive and breathing.

    I think the best thing that could come of this is that you choose other things to do over social networking. Like you’ll say “I’d rather read a book then spy on FB people for an afternoon” and you do it willingly.

    Welcome back!

    • Haha, barely. Came crawling back lol =P
      Yeah, I’m really happy about that and I’m hoping that will continue. Like now I’ll be excited about reading a good book and just get away from my laptop where before I would have just been sitting in front of this thing forever.
      Thanks for throwing out the welcome mat, it’s good to hear from you and I’m liking your new profile pic! :)

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