Goodbye, Social Media

Today, what had been fluttering around in the back of my head for a few weeks became solidified into the concrete epiphany that I spend way too much time on social media.

I am constantly being fed instant updates by The Crackberry on new Facebook comments, Twitter notifications, emails from both my Hotmail and Gmail accounts, including messages informing me that I have received new comments on WordPress. I am also constantly hooked up to the internet via my Crackbook (i.e. Macbook). And I just created a new Facebook page for this blog!

While this all seemed to be under control earlier in the year, I now feel as though it’s become my second life. Researcher by day, unstoppable Crackberry Addict by night.

Well, no more, I say. Here and now, the insanity stops.

You’ve been very, very bad.

I have thus devised a plan to ban myself from social media and certain technologies for three days. Call it purging, call it impossible, call it whatever you want. But this is what I’m calling the SM Ban Game Plan:

Days 1 to 4 (Monday to Thursday)
*actually, it starts tonight (Sunday), as soon as I publish this post
— No WordPress
— No Facebook
— No Twitter
— No emails (except for work email of course)
— No BBM
— No YouTube
— If I want to write something (that is not work-related), it must be done the old school way — in a notebook.

Days 1 to 3 (Monday to Wednesday)
— I will turn off all notifications on my Blackberry. The Crackberry will be transformed into — *gasp* — a phone. Calling and texting only.

Day 4 (Thursday)
— Notifications will be turned back on. The Crackberry will resume life. However, this is where I will learn how to ignore the incessant pinging instead of immediately responding to the whims of The Crackberry like the automaton that I have become.

Day 5 (Friday)
— I shall return. Like a groundhog emerging from the … ground … I will exit hibernation with a newfound sense of self and purpose. No longer will I be at the mercy of the Almighty Crackberry.

Into the hole I go! *salutes*

Shed no tears for me, my friends (well, maybe just a few tears is okay). Leave me some sugar while I’m gone so I can come back to lotsa love, aite my dearests? ;)

Peace out!

Anyone else feel like they have this Crackberry/iCrack problem? How many days without social media would be a challenge for you to take on? 

– Cafe <3


37 thoughts on “Goodbye, Social Media

  1. Social Media > watching TV shows

    you can disable the notifications…for example, i disable most of the FB notification emails. this doesn’t cause me to miss important updates, i just have to check the notification center within FB…i think same thing for WordPress, etc.

    • Well, I guess since I don’t really watch TV anyways, I didn’t feel the need to include that =P

      You’re right, I could disable notifications. That’s one thing I haven’t really decided on yet (whether I want to do that). I should test that out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. I just don’t want tofind myself constantly going into my accounts to see if there’s anything new.

  2. No, it’s not a waste of time, I agree, but time consuming it certainly is. Being new to this meant a steep learning curve; I could make a mean pile of stuff I missed while doing this, but then I’d be missing the knowledge of what this IT buzz was all about. Just listening to you and your youthful enthusiasm, and then reading your friends and their comments informed me of what I needed to know. I think I’ll continue to ignore those parts of the net-phone-blog world that is unproductive or just an additional waste of time. People like you who set ideas down clearly, follow through on their plans, and then discuss the experience openly are fine justifications for a commitment of precious time. I’ve learned a lot, such as it’s mostly a question of managing and allocating time. I think the pleasure I get out of reading you is like the lift I’d get while chatting over a hot cup of cafe with you somewhere. The virtual with you seems close to real. It’s different, sure, but since it would probably never happen otherwise, all told, with you it’s time well spent. I liked your plan, and think you should follow it; we’ll miss ya when you go, then love ya when you return.

    • Hey Whitt,

      Yeah, I guess it’s good to use what you are passionate about using or that you actually find useful and disregard the other things that just take up time for no good reason.

      Thank you for your comment regarding setting down ideas and following through with them, etc. I think it’s a great way to focus what a large part of my blog is about and for me to even have it kind of put in front of me in words. Because I think that if we’re going to spend so much time on this social medium, we need to be clear about what we get out of it, what’s the purpose of it. At least in my opinion, I do.

      Haha, it’s kinda cool that you feel like you’re just chatting with me (which is also kinda what my blog is about too — as the header says, grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat :)

      Thanks again, Whitt :)

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  4. Cutting yourself off from social media? Whoa!?! The unthinkable!! hehe

    I always find myself at loss if I forget my iphone and don’t have access to the net instantly >.< I guess I am an addict :)

    p.s. you have a lot of interesting stuff on your blog. I look forward to your future posts :)

    • Haha yeah, I know right?? what the heck was I thinking? lol
      Thanks so much, I really appreciate you stopping by and peeking around. Look forward to chatting with you again :)

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  6. wow…this was what I tried to do for lent a few years ago. What a feat. I failed miserably after a few days. Kudos to you for taking this on. I know its really not easy but it really makes you realise how dependent we are on social media to keep us from boredom and doing the things we ought to do.

    I will be expecting a detailed report on your findings on Friday. Goodluck!

    • Sup Karen! Lol it is HARD, I don’t blame ya! Thanks, I am glad I took it on even though I’m also glad it’s over. But I could see myself wanting to do a 1-2 day break from social media every so often just to concentrate on myself and myself only. And yeah, I TOTALLY realized how dependent I’ve become on social media. Aggh.
      Detailed report is up! =P
      Have a great weekend (oh, will reply to your email soon) :)

  7. Well done ! Sending this to my son. We all have our little routines to keep our lives organized & meaningful. It takes us to a higher level. Mantras, meditation, breathing exercises, creative expression, and of course lots of chocolate. :D

    • Awesome! I hope he enjoys. He can read the follow-up post and see how I fared. That will either encourage him or discourage him to follow in my footsteps lol. That’s something to think about — what routines I have to keep my life organized and meaningful. I hope it will now include more reading and piano playing. And chocolate :)
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. You will be missed.

    I can go without the Internet for a long time. I went a whole year without it when in high school. I wasn’t even popular. Then I went another almost 2 years without using it outside of work. Most of my Internet time is while at work. Imagine a world without the Internet. Papers would get filed quicker. Documents scanned at record speeds. It’s a good thing it’s around. Otherwise I’d be out of a job fast.

    • Aww, thanks Tim! :)
      LOL a world without the internet would increase work productivity in certain respects, but probably make other things way more inefficient!
      Have a good weekend!

  9. I’m going to comment on this a million times, so when you do come back, you’ll have a million new notifications waiting for you in your inbox. :)

    I have a Crackberry, too. Thankfully I haven’t let it take over my life. Yet.

    • Umm, where are my million emails? Not impressed, Eric.
      Lol thanks for your comment, and glad to hear you haven’t been taken over by the Crack-attack. When you do, come talk to me. We’ll figure out a rehabilitation plan for you =P
      Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Whit! Thanks! It was a good break, even though there were some tough parts. But I’m so glad I did it. And well, I dunno how strong I was yesterday since I broke the ban around 4 pm. But I think at that point I had gotten all I needed to get out of it anyways =P
      Have a great weekend!

  10. social networking is a great tool, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Sure, if you’re spending multiple hours on one post, then peel yourself away. As long as you’re learning, nothing wrong with it. GL

    • Sup Manutius. Hehe, I always laugh inside whenever I call you that =P
      I think I was spending multiple hours on things that didn’t deserve my time if I really thought about it. I think sometimes we get caught up in looking at things online and the next thing you know, your whole day is gone and you can’t really say you did anything productive. I definitely agree with you (and Seto) that social networking/media is a great tool. And I’m definitely not going to be giving it up :)
      See ya later!

  11. Uh oh! Wow Janice.. didn’t imagine you come up with this! Uhm.. I guess, that would be a hard core! My friend once tried to pause interacting on social media for a month and she felt so suck for first week tho..she cope up till she finished the challenge! She’s brave enough to do so :)
    Good Luck :)

    • Hey Shira!
      Haha, you made me laugh with your comment. Omg, a month is too long. No way. Four days was long, forget it. That is very brave and I’m sure she learned a lot about herself in that time :) I learned a couple of things definitely, so I’m happy I did it.
      Hope you’re well. Have a great weekend!

  12. Good luck Janice! Why don’t you just purge a handful of the time black holes or the ones that duplicate another, like the dual emails? I dropped Facebook for just that reason. It got old and a lot of the same. I don’t miss it. And I was thinking how much the WordPress mirrors Facebook from making the posts and then looking to see your ‘friends’ drop in to comment on them. Its just a long version of your ‘Status’. Enjoy your freedom this week.

    FYI, know what I did today? Mowed the freakin’ lawn! We have pollen on the cars and roads already! What happened to winter?

    • Hi Andy! Thanks!
      I’ve considered not getting the comment notifications for WP. I’m still thinking about it. It’s probably a good idea.
      Yeah, if you found that FB was just like WP for you, then for sure it would make sense to drop it. I find that a lot of my FB friends won’t comment on my blog posts, even if they read it. Sometimes they would just comment on my FB page about the post when I put up a new blog post update on FB. Aside from anything related to my blog, I also interact a lot with certain people on FB. So I think FB is hear to stay for me :)
      LOL good job mowing the lawn! Yeah, I know, there was no winter. Although today is kind of crappy winter weather :)
      Anyways, hope you have a good weekend!

      • Then you are keeping your Word Press blog? I hope so cause I am about ready to Tag you ( do you mind ~ I know it takes time. Comments, I found don’t reply to each one as they come in. Take one time, when you have time, a day and reply to all that you can. I think that takes less time. Glad to see you back! Wishing you have a rocking weekend too! C

  13. i agree, ur blog has made me less productive also =P.. kidding aside, blogging and social media is a good thing imo. If you have work to do, put social media aside. Business before pleasure. Has social media lowered ur quality of work(or messing up other priorities)? If so, then yes, take it easy. If not… then WHY? (Did you watch a segment on people’s addiction to technology?)

    Can you say u don’t learn anything or teach people random stuff from social media? Why is blogging and social media crack? connecting, communicating, and self-expression/exploration don’t seem like bad things to me. Its good to have priorities but don’t be soo strict on urself with something that u enjoy, especially if its’ something that your interest naturally gravitated to. Personal interests and hobbies should be nurtured, never shunned.

    IMO, if something gives you that sense of accomplishment or personal growth you should run with it. So, my question to you is.. do you get either of those feelings with blogging? If so, why deny yourself that if you had the time? Guess i have to wait till friday… I think i found a post of yours i disagree with..

    • Haha funny =P
      No, I didn’t watch anything about people’s addiction to technology. I could just feel like it wasn’t right, the amount of time I was spending on social media. I just wanted a break and knew I needed one. I was going to make it only two days at first and then it somehow stretched to three, and then four. I think four is definitely a long time to be away. I actually felt very lonely by the end of it lol. But I’m definitely glad I did it.
      For sure social media is a great thing, to teach and to learn. I definitely agree with you on all of those things. I guess to answer your question on why I decided to deny myself that is because I needed to get back to appreciating the other great things that nurture personal growth. And even I think the break made me appreciate the use of social media more. So win-win. But like I said in my most recent post, I’m not doing it again, at least not for four days lol.

  14. Good for you. I have a crackberry addiction too, but I have never put WordPress on it. No need to bow. I figured I would never leave the ladies room if I were able to check my stats, my comments, my favorite posts that way. And the view from my office is WAY better!

    Good luck!

  15. Hi,
    It really does seem all a bit much. I only have the blogosphere to worry about, no facebook, no twitter, no unnecessary e-mails, I rely on RSS feed for the blogs that I visit, but I of course rely on the e-mails for comments.
    I am more than happy to just stay in the blogosphere, there is no way I would have the time for all the other things that are on offer.

    • Hi Mags! Thanks for leaving me your comment. That’s good that you’ve found a way to manage social media in a way that suits you. I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of FB, Twitter, etc, but I have learned from my social media ban that I need to manage my time with it better.
      Have a great weekend :)

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