Working the Night Shift

So for the past few days I’ve been back to my old routine of working the night shift. (Gotta pay the bills, ya know what I’m sayin’?)

Okay, okay, before the wheels in your over-imaginative minds start turning any faster, I’m simply talking about my part-time job. The task I’ve been assigned to work on recently is transcribing interviews for an evaluation study of a youth gang intervention/prevention program.

If you’ve never transcribed an interview before, let me give you a piece of advice that will greatly aid you in retaining your sanity: Don’t.

The last interview I transcribed had to be done in installments over a couple of days lest someone find me at home, rocking myself in the corner and mumbling: “You know what I’m saying?” (that’s what the interviewee said at the end of every sentence).

The look of traumatization from the question that’s not really a question: “You know what I’m saying?”

Anyways, two things have happened as a result of having to work my full-time job and part-time job as of late: 1) I’ve been going insane; 2) I’ve found little time to keep up with reading my favourite blogs.

Regarding point number one, the full-time plus part-time work schedule has actually been the defining feature of my life for many, many years. When I was in school, the full-time part of the schedule was replaced with my studies. Aside from trying to be a shining academic star throughout high school (except for my last year when I was at home sleeping in, or at school but asleep on my desk), I also worked, at minimum, one part-time job. I think there was a point where I was working three part-time jobs at once.

Dammit. No bullets in my finger.

This continued throughout my university years and when I finally got to my Master’s year, I was working two jobs while attempting to maintain a 4.0 GPA. That year saw one of the worst episodes of my insomnia. I would spend countless nights passed out on the couch at the Centre (the building on campus where I had my classes and which I later nicknamed “the Island”).

For awhile, I was alone in my nighttime stays but for the caretaker who became my loyal friend. Later on, I was joined by a couple of classmates who would indulge in $5 footlong subs and Red Bull with me. I ate those $5 footlongs for the last two months of my Master’s year — half for lunch, half for dinner. I now shake a little inside whenever I happen to be near a Subway restaurant.

Photobooth on Macbook likes to do things backwards.

Cafe, last seen on the Island May 7, 2009 …

Anyways, back to what I was saying. Sometimes I really felt like I would never be able to crawl out of the hole that I felt I was in. There were so many days I just wanted to break down, except I knew that if I did I really wouldn’t get to crawl out of the hole. Plus, crying always makes me exhausted and if I was exhausted there was no way I’d be finishing that 20-page essay that was due the next day.

Since starting my new job, I have finally gotten a taste of what it’s like to have time to do everything else I’ve wanted to do in my life. You don’t have to finish your day shift and come home to more work. I’ve never felt so damn happy in my life. Seriously. And now that I’m back to working the night shift, I feel the same exhaustion, back aches, frustration.

But I try to keep the bigger picture in mind whenever I hear another “You know what I’m saying?” and remember that I’m doing this to save up for my vacation and do something that not everyone even gets the opportunity to. There are so many people hurting for a job right now that I can’t find it in my heart to complain about having two.


So that being said, I took some time today to catch up on my blogroll and I got to thinking about “blogger etiquette.” I feel like there are some undefined blogging rules out there in our little world and I’m curious to know your take on them.

For instance, I don’t really get it when bloggers don’t reply to comments that readers leave them. I do understand it when I know that person is insanely busy and they only reply to comments that aren’t in the mere form of “I love this post!” — especially if they’re reaching 100 or more comments on every post they write. Replying to comments can be very time-consuming. So I get that. But what if this is not the case? What’s your views on responding to comments left on your blog?

Also, do you feel obligated to “follow” the blog of someone who has just “followed” yours? Do you feel insulted if a person who you are following doesn’t follow you back? Or if you always leave comments on their blog, are you put off if they don’t ever comment on yours? (I don’t get offended by this, personally, but I’m curious to know what others think about this.)

Are there any other “blogging rules” or “etiquette” that you see out there? Or is it all just nonsense to you?

– Cafe <3


78 thoughts on “Working the Night Shift

  1. I respond to all comments on my blog, but I have few readers and fewer comments, so, as they say, “That’s easy for me to say.” It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if I had a higher readership. I’d still try, though. I feel if someone makes the effort to say something they deserve an answer. (Maybe minus the “good post” ones… depends.)

    I like conversation, so I like it when I can do a bit of back and forth with someone.

    No, as stated in my Disclaimer, following me is no guarantee I’ll follow back. I don’t attach any major significance to following or being followed. Commenting is different. I’m way more prone to follow someone I interact with, and commenting more than few times on my blog frequently earns a follow.

    But bottom line, I think so many considerations go into who you follow that I don’t (or try not to) get upset if someone I wish followed me doesn’t.

    One rule I’ve pondered and saw someone mention explicitly recently is about the language you use when commenting. Do you use “adult” language or not. The rule I have is that if the blog author uses adult language, then I feel it’s okay for me to do so in comments. If not, I try to clean up my fucking act.

    The rule I struggle with is knowing when to post a negative comment, when (and how) to disagree with a post. The struggle point is between putting in my 1/50th of a buck or just being nice and saying nothing. It’s not like you have to tender your opinion, right? So you have to weigh the value of an opposing comment versus the value of just moving on.

    Being a generally disagreeable and contrary curmudgeon, this question arises frequently for me.

    (And one quickly discovers that many people don’t take well to any kind of critical feedback.)

    ((Loved the pictures. I’m thinking of using my ray-tracing app to see if I can put that B&W one on a “milk carton” for you. My Tardis turned out pretty well! Maybe I can do a good milk carton.))

    • I agree with being more prone to follow someone who you interact with more. I think that is the same with me as well.

      LMAO I never heard that rule about using adult language. I do generally steer clear of it in case I offend anyone though.

      The debate about whether to post an opposing comment is a good thing to think about. Kind of relates to the issue about whether blogging simply brings together like-minded people or expands that to include other viewpoints. I think in a lot of cases, a blog ends up being a community of like-minded people because those who don’t agree with or like what the blogger is saying tend to simply walk away. I think leaving comments that make the person think in other ways is not a bad thing, but I think phrasing is important. There is a difference between leaving a “negative” comment and a “disagreeing” comment in my opinion.

      LOL! Yes, that black & white pic totally needs to go on a milk carton hahahaha!

      • Yep, very true. It’s become very apparent that there are several types of “sub-networks” of blogs. Some blogs are about putting info out there or trying to raise public awareness or discussion in some way. Others seem to exist mainly for the social connections.

        One would expect debate and controversy in the former, but in the latter it’s likely to really put the stink on you. I’ve stepped wrong a couple times before realizing what kind of blog I was commenting on. I’ve even found there are bloggers who seem to invite opposing views, but which don’t handle actual opposing views too well. There’s at least one blog I’ve simply resolved to stop commenting on. The author seems to invite opposing views, but they are usually met with hostility and outright rejection.

        Which may be due to that difference you cited between “negative” and “disagreeing” comments. The line between them seems (at least to me) impossible to get right. I believe I never (for some reasonably human definition of “never”) leave negative comments, but I am prone to disagree. By my lights, I’m never negative, but so many seem to see any disagreement as a negative comment.

        When you have a “big personality” like I do, it’s so easy to feel like a giant, mutant bull in a shop filled with delicate crystal. It’s a problem and it often makes me feel like I should just go away. I’m so tired of having my intentions misinterpreted because I can’t ever seem to find the right words to not offend people.

        • It does sound like a tough predicament to be in. I can’t say I know first-hand what it feels like to feel like a giant, mutant bull in a crystal shop (lol).

          Do you find there are some topics in particular that you tend to have these really strong opinions about?

          • Yes, tons. I’m a man of many passions both negative (evil, people who cell phone and drive, most green vegetables) and positive (art, literature, good people, dogs, caramel…).

            I feel deeply. From an early age I believed that was part of the job of an artist. It’s driven me to shoot for excellence in my work, but somehow never worked right in personal life. I think sometimes it’s have been born in NYC, raised in Los Angeles, but trying to live in the more low-key Midwest. Big city personality seems to put them off in these here parts.

            Help! They don’t get me here!!

            • Lol most green vegetables?! Haha =P

              I’m not suggesting that you do, but just curious, do you feel like if you were to show those deep feelings less when it comes to the personal life sphere that you’d somehow be untrue to yourself?

            • Yep, exactly. The lifelong struggle between being my true self (which seems to put most people off) and playing some game of social behavior. The irony is I can’t seem to get the game rules right, either!

              It happens all the time. I make what I think is an ordinary comment, but some trick of phrasing makes it seem more edgy (or something — if I really understood it I might be able to get it right). And then I feel the ice grow on the connection.

            • Well, I definitely don’t recommend spending the rest of your life trying to be someone your’e not and/or feeling bad about who you are.

              Learning how to phrase things in “the right way” is hard for a lot of people. Just like learning how to be really honest is hard for a lot of people. Maybe we all need to find some kind of balance between the two, but sometimes it comes down to the fact that some people will be able to accept you the way you are and others won’t. And that’s okay :)

    • Haha, love that line … now that I don’t have to hear it 100 times in an hour =P

      Oh yes, blogging HAS to be fun, at least for me. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby, for enjoyment, to let out the creative juices. So when it stops being that way, the cafe will be no more. But until then, happy blogging! :)

      Btw, thanks so much for subscribing! Would you mind passing along a 10-word-or-less description of your blog that I can add beside your name/blog URL once I update my page dedicated to my readers? Thank you so much and look forward to chatting with you some more over coffee =P

  2. Moonlighting can be a killer (know what I’m sayin’). I have finally found that I can pursue the things I enjoy, such as crafts and jewelry making, and have fun earning extra income. At least that way my hobbies pay for themselves.
    As for the comments I comment on many pages that do not comment on mine. I don’t expect a response to every comment I make but if someone never engages I quit leaving comments. I don’t leave comments so people can see what I have to say. I leave them as encouragement to the blogger and if they don’t respond I feel there is no need to leave one.
    I try to answer all comments on my sites and did so for several years even though I had no internet connection at home. I feel like I owe it to my friends as a courtesy.

    • Hahaha. I know what you’re sayin’ =P

      Having hobbies that pay for themselves must be really rewarding, so long as it doesn’t start feeling too much like a job (which it doesn’t sound that for you).

      I’m with you on your thoughts about commenting, both on your own site and and others!

  3. Your dedication amazes me, and makes me laugh on myself. What do I do all day – nothing at all – but still am getting a full scholarship on the basis of a stupid exam…

    • Haha, thanks Arindam. But there’s no need to compare me to you! We all have our own situations that we come from in life and thus that was my road. But I’m happy to say that I’m no longer working the night shift =P

  4. Haha, oh my god, the “know what I’m saying” thing had be cracking up lol >.< Well I hope in all your work you are taking time to take care of Janice get your rest and fun wherever you can, it's important to enjoy the now as much as possible, even while working toward a future goal :)

    As for "etiquette" I will answer comments on my blogs as long as I can, that's my priority. Getting back to others can be a little harder, I mean visiting everyone's blog and leaving a constructive comment, sometimes I just lose track of who left what comment, you know?

    I don't see it as a chore though, just about every blog I visit has something interesting to say that I can comment on :)

    Keep well Janice, don't go too hard, you need to find your daily dose of self care ;)


    • Hahaha, it’s pretty funny after the fact. During was not so amusing lol.

      I should clarify that I’m only working a full-time job now, since the last few months. Wow, is life ever different not having to work the “night shift” haha. I’ve learned that I really do need to care of myself, my health and all that — although mind you, I had to do what I had to do at the time.

      Yes, commenting on everyone’s blogs is difficult. I used to have much more time to do it but these days I barely do. So the easiest thing for me is usually to go to my recent posts and start with whoever commented and follow their link to their blog. And then if I can read more, I try my best!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rohan :)

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  6. First things first. Gal, I salute you. For a high degree of motivation, high expectations for yourself and grit. How do you pull these off over an extended period of time? Don’t you feel weary, physically and/or mentally? I wish I could do the same as you but when I was doing my part-time degree while having a full-time job, I already felt that’s the maximum I could handle. I wished I had more time to do my projects coz the deadlines were all so rushed I felt like I was just busy churning out and not really enjoying the process. And I can’t give up all of my recreation…I made sure I enjoy some for my sanity.

    2nd. I laughed at the “You know what I’m saying?” Just curious, does that have to go into the transcript too?

    3rd. If I left a comment on a blog and I don’t get a response, I won’t comment a 2nd time coz obviously the blogger doesn’t wish to engage. If that’s his/her wish, he/she got it! I won’t feel offended or what. And I won’t feel obligated to follow my follower’s blog. Likewise, I won’t unfollow you just becoz you don’t follow me. I see that happening alot on my twitter account…people follow me and if I don’t follow them, they’d unfollow me. They just want to “collect” followers, not someone who’s truly interested in what you say so I don’t give a shit.

    • Thanks so much for your sweet words :)

      Well, for the past few months now I have only been working a full-time job. I stopped the part-time stuff, although I’ve debated off and on whether I should go back to “working the night shift” haha. But honestly, your question as to doing it over an extended period of time — yes, I’ve definitely been extremely burnt out over the years, tired and unhealthy because of this crazy routine! But it had to be done at the time. And now I can get by without it.

      I definitely hear what you’re saying about needing time for recreation and just having down time for yourself even. Now that I have the opportunity to have that, it’s very hard to go back. And you really come to appreciate what it does for your mental health and overall happiness in life :)

      Lol yes, when I transcribe it’s verbatim so all of the “You know what I’m saying?”‘s went in there too! haha!

      Yes, I see that happening with some bloggers — at least you get the sense that they’re simply following your blog to see if you’ll follow them back. I’ve grown pretty wary of that tactic!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. There you are!!! I was lookin for you today!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I”M SAYIN!!! LOL I can’t BELIEVE that’s your night job. We got to get you a more exciting night job!! LEGAL ONE!! But more exciting! Red Bull is one way but when you crash on that stuff it’s HARD! Don’t EVER worry about not commenting on EVERY LITTLE POST I write! I’m not that conceded!!! Good luck and see you when you’ve gotten your self out of the corner!!! LOL

    • Hahaha, you make me laugh, girl :)

      Actually, I should have clarified that I no longer work that job. No more night job for me!!! That was my life for a long time though :S

      Hey, btw did you get the New Month Resolution email i sent out to you guys? :)

      Hope you’re feeling better!

      • I am I think I did I am just SO loaded DOWN with projects I can’t seem to find time to get to it! I do WP on my BRAKE! Today I am putting contacts names into exele sheets for when I release my album. I am going to contact businesses and sales people and offer them a free in home or business concert so I can grow my contacts list and get to know more people in the community. It’s a BIG PIECE to chew and being dyslexic running through excele sheets is TOOOOOO MUCH!!! OMG I have NO idea what I am doing so! It’s FUN!!!
        See I’m trying to enjoy the JOURNEY LOL!!! How are you feeling? I still feel a little like weak from being sick… do you?

        • Lol! No worries, take your time and do what you can. You are recovering! The more stress you put on yourself, the longer it’ll take to be back at 100%! I definitely still feel weak but it’s also this crazy insomnia too that’s weighing me down *sigh*

          Anyways, it sounds like you’re still getting lots done! A free in-home concert sounds totally awesome! :)

          • Do you think…?

            I always feel like I am in the way! I can’t get over the fact that my presence is not an annoyance! Abusive parents I think have done that to me! I have never had anyone except them act like I was annoying but if that’s from your PARENTS I guess it would be ingrained in my Mind as TRUTH!!!
            I also have other things going on I can’t really talk about yet! I’ve so friggin busy! LOL
            I’m sorry to hear about your insomnia. I would take something to help me if it got TO bad just some tylenol PM or something especially after your really bad flu! You have to keep your self healthy!

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  9. What’s your views on responding to comments left on your blog?
    it’s optional unless an answer is required

    Do you feel insulted if a person who you are following doesn’t follow you back?

    Are there any other “blogging rules” or “etiquette” that you find are out there?
    it’s not a job! keep it fun!

  10. “What’s your views on responding to comments left on your blog?” Hahaha. well thats easy, No one has ever commented on my blogs. Sad, I know. Honestly, the question here is how do YOU (Janice) manage to come up wiht so many things to talk about in your blog and still manage to get people to “like” and follow you? How were you to able to talk about YOUR life and YOUR thoughts and yet have people CARE SO MUCH about what you have to say and leave dozens of comments????

    And yet for many of us other bloggers, whose been blogging since junior high has yet to hjave one comment from another blogger? Is there a class you have to become a certified “popular blogger”? I”m just curious.

    • Hey LEN,
      Thanks for your comment! I don’t think I deserve so much praise, but thank you :)
      I can’t tell you for sure what’s going on in my readers’ minds. My guess is they can relate to the things I write about (not all the time, but I feel like I write about a lot of different things, so at least some of it must be relatable). I also like to ask questions to my readers at the end of most of my posts because I love to generate discussion. I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life, so it’s not that hard for me to come up with stuff to talk about! Especially since I think so damn much so a lot of these things I’ve already analyzed in my head before, and now it’s just a matter of putting it down on “paper.” Sometimes I’m not sure what to write about, but in that case I just won’t write until I have something to say.
      I hope some of that helped. Connect with other “like-minded” bloggers who you think will enjoy your stuff. Leave comments on their posts and hopefully they’ll return the favour :)

  11. I am new to the world of blogging and spend a lot of time hopping, looking for blogs I enjoy reading.

    I leave comments when I feel the need, but do not get offended if the blogger doesn’t visit on comment on my blog. That is not why I am leaving comments.

    I don’t follow people, just to get them to follow me and I don’t expect the same return. I try to check out anyone who follows me and when I really enjoy reading their work I follow them. I don’t want my follow page to be bogged down by 100 blogs I don’t really want to read everyday.

    My etiquette consists of being kind and enjoying other writers for what they inspire me to do. Its probably not the best way to build a million followers and whatnot, but I’m sticking to my guns.

    • Heya! Well, welcome to the WP community. You’ll love it here!
      I’m totally with you on all your points there about how you approach blogging and reading other people’s blogs. I think you can totally still build a great following while sticking to your principles! You sound like you really enjoy blogging and everything that comes along with it, and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. Especially since we spend so much time doing it! =P
      Thanks so much for stopping by and your comment!

    • Heya, well, this part-time job I’ve been working on is for a former professor. That’s how I got the hook-up, it’s a research study that he’s been doing. Now it’s come to an end, so I actually need to look for another part-time job! Most of my work has come from knowing people who get my foot in the door, honestly. But this time I think I might have to do the ‘ol applying online routine.

      What kind of part-time job you looking for?

  12. Night shift work, bleh!
    I think one should try to answer when people leave their “conversation” at their blog and if they have way too many to answer, then the polite thing would be to post a general answer or comment somewhere on the post. Make sense?
    Anyway, I came over to bring you this Valentine thing . . . Saint Valentine’s Day and the ABC Award
    Hope you can use it! :) See ya!

    • AWW!!! Sunshine!! This is so sweet of you!! Wow, I’m really touched, flattered, ecstatic that you would think of me in passing on the award *blush* :)

      Yes, I think that makes total sense. Responding to a million comments that all say the same thing is definitely time-consuming and inefficient. I think if the blogger at least acknowledges those comments in one way or another, that’s cool =P

      Thanks again!!!!!!

  13. I love your blog! This is the first time I’m reading it! I can not imagine having a crazy life like yours! a full time job and part time! you must be going insane!? I admire your thought that finding a job right now is tough and complaining would not be nice. That inspires me because I need to not complain about my job anymore. The next thing i wanted to say was the transcribing thing really is ridiculous! I had to do that at my job for a week or more and I wanted to shoot myself! It was soo boring and so annoying. having to stop and write and then listen and then stop and write and catch every “umm” or “ya-know” they said! I feel ya sister! I hope it gets easier!

    • Aww thanks Chelsea! Haha yeah, the full-time plus part-time life makes me go insane but since I know this time around it’s a temporary thing, I think I’ll be able to manage the insanity a little better =P

      Hahaha yeah isn’t transcribing THE WORST??? It’s alright if you’re hearing interesting stuff. But if you can’t hear what the heck they’re mumbling about, how ya gonna know if it’s interesting or not?! Aggh. Anyways, thanks. I really don’t think after the last two I did, it can get any worse. It’s just not possible. Life is not that cruel.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  14. Nice thought provoking post I must say! I can empathize with what you’re saying about the exhaustion factor. Working two jobs can be challenging for anyone. And the night shift makes it doubly challenging. Just envision that vacation! And try to get as much sleep as possible. Sleep is a good thing!

    As to your question, I always respond back to bloggers who leave me a comment. I personally think that if someone was kind enough to take his or her time to comment that it’s essential that I reply back. Plus, I like to visit their blog too. I love the interaction with other bloggers. I think it’s important to share our words with each other.

    As for following blogs, I never feel “obligated to do so.” I genuinely appreciate each blog that I follow. I may not always share the same views, but that is the beauty of diversity. We all have our own way of thinking. I think WordPress is a great opportunity to learn more about each other. In the process, I think we learn a lot about our self. In other words, there is much opportunity for personal growth. I think the interchange of ideas is important. That’s just my two cents. Thanks for asking!

    • I totally slept in today. I couldn’t wake up to my alarm if my life had depended on it lol.

      It sounds like most people have the same viewpoints on commenting (they feel they should reply back to comments left on their blog) and on following blogs (they don’t feel obligated to do it). Then again, maybe the people who were inclined to comment on this post are a particular breed haha.

      Yes, I completely agree with you – reading so many different blogs on WordPress really opens up your eyes to how many different viewpoints are out there and the different things people get to experience. It’s awesome!

      Thanks for answering :)

  15. I feel compelled to comment on comments on my blog. The trouble is 1) I am very chatty so they almost turn into emails and 2) I only get about 5 comments a blog so its not like it is taking up a lot of my time. I can’t say what will happen when I hit the ‘Comment Big Time’ and I get like 20 comments or so. It might go to my head.

    Great blog! I especially like your photography! Good Stuff!

    • Heya! Thanks so much for stopping by and the compliments :) Haha I still always get surprised when people say they really like my photography since I totally do not consider myself good at it and half the pictures I take are with my Blackberry =P But I’ll take it! :D

      Lol yeah, that’s the thing. When you hit the “Comment Big Time” will your whole attitude and/or behaviour towards interacting with bloggers change from when you got less comments? I dunno. Well, I think for one post I got more than 20 comments but I know I still replied to every single comment. I think I just didn’t blog for a few days so I could do that and visit all of my commenters’ blogs. But if you were constantly on the Comment Big Time wave, would that really be possible? Maybe!

      Haha, anyways I’ll definitely be by to visit your blog this weekend! Have a good one :)

      • I was thinking I take pictures of things or occassions but your photography actually says something. It doesn’t have to be about quality, more of the art behind it, if art makes us think. It is depressing that your Blackberry takes better pictures than my digital.

        • LOL it’s time for a new digital!! Haha just kidding. Maybe you should just start using your phone too =P
          Thanks again for the compliments. I guess the photos I put up here are really more to tell a story :)

  16. I always try to respond to comments people leave on my posts. I know when I leave comments on posts I’m always excited to see what the blogger responded. I don’t think you absolutely have to follow whoever follows you. But I do read the ones I’m subscribed to.

    Some of the commenters have made some very valid and interesting points on blogging etiquette. I specially liked the trolling and hijacking part. I do not find it so much on WordPress as I see it on youtube but I think both are issues to be file under blogging etiquette. I think a whole post needs to be dedicated to this! :D

    PS: I LOVE all the comments you leave me :)

    • Aww, thanks Karen =P
      Yes, you’re really great at responding to comments. And yeah, it seems like most people agree that you shouldn’t have to follow someone just ‘cuz they follow you. I’m totally with you on that. But yeah, like you, if it’s gonna subscribe to it, I’m gonna read it.
      Yup, we need a whole post!! That’s your next blogging topic, Karen haha =P

  17. I always follow back, I always enjoy connecting with people and getting to know them. Okies, there’s my honest albeit cheesy reply. Do I get a can of red bull? :D

    • Haha no, that’s not cheesy! I think it’s great that you connect with so many people. I mean, if that’s something you find fulfilling about blogging – which I think most of us do – then all the more power to ya.

      Lol I quit drinking Red Bull. But I will send forth an imaginary can over to your blogosphere =P

  18. Well, I think it depends… if you’re just starting out like I am (/was) it is polite to share commenting and respond to comments on your blog. And anyway, it helps you get visitors and build relationships. For example, I like reading your blog (it’s followed after all), and I like to comment on it. Plus you comment on mine, so we have a nice online blogging relationshippy thingy going haha.

    Following is different. I kind of believe you should follow whoever you enjoy reading. That’s what’s important really. I am genuinely grateful for every new follow I get – it’s humbling and fun! But, I’m following blogs I sincerely want to read more frequently.

    Spam/troll comments are annoying but, oh well. You can work with whatever you’re given. I don’t like comments that are genuine and kind BUT are also blaaaatantly promoting their own blog (unless you’ve already commented on each other’s blogs before, multiple times).

    Anyway uhh… shuttin’ up now.

    • Lol aww thanks, I like reading your blog too and our online blogging relationshipy thingy haha =P

      I definitely agree with following whoever you enjoy reading. Especially since once you’ve been around for a while longer, the list keeps growing and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. So you’d better like what’s on your blogroll!

      How do people blatantly promote their own blog? Like leaving a link to their blog on a comment? Just curious :)

      Haha you don’t have to shut up now. You can write a novel if you want. A blog post within a blog post! LOL. I enjoy comments of all lengths, I don’t discriminate =P

    • Hey Allen, now I’m getting those notifications that someone replied to a comment I left them on their blog! So did you get a notification that I left you this response? You know that little orange square on the top right hand corner of the screen when you’re in WP?

  19. Such a hard worker. I hope your day job is at least enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine having two terrible jobs. One is bad enough. So many great movies (none that I can remember) take place while someone works the nightshift. Maybe you’ll have an encounter with a vampire or an axe murderer. Be on alert!

    I won’t comment on blogger etiquette. I wrote a whole blog post that I intend on posting in a few days when it comes around on my list of blogs to post. To save you some time though, just be a nice person like you should be in real life. If someone says hello, say hello back. Sometimes it’s hard to comment on other people’s blogs. You either forget or they suck so badly that it’s hard to say anything nice besides “Interesting!” More to come in the future!

    • Haha yeah, both jobs are good despite the “You know what I’m saying?” man. Lol great now I’m going to be constantly on high alert for monsters. Won’t even be able to hear em coming while listening to interview O_o

      Ooh I’m totally looking forward to your post on blogging etiquette! Yeah, agreed it is hard to comment sometimes. In that case I’ll either press the Like button if I actually liked it or skim through their other posts to see if I can connect with anything else.

  20. Hi,
    I also worked a lot in my younger years to achieve certain goals, and although it gets very tiring, when those goals are achieved it is just so rewarding. :)

    I have always answered comments, I know some people don’t always do this, but personally I feel it’s rude not to do so on my own blog. I have often left comments that have not been answered on other blogs, and I just assume that person is really busy.

    If someone follows my blog, and I have never before been to theirs, I always go and check out the blog, and 99% of the time I will follow back, and also leave a comment. :)

    • Wow, you have very good etiquette lol. I definitely always make an effort to check out the page of someone who likes or comments on a post or follows my blog. Just to see what they’re all about. I’m curious to know who likes my stuff! =P

      Yes, it is so rewarding to achieve those goals you worked like a dog over. Never would’ve made it here if it wasn’t for all those night shifts ;)

      Thanks for commenting! :D

  21. The only comments I have a hard time replying to are the weirdo, off the wall comments. Even then, I’ll at least make an effort to reply. It might take me a minute to figure out what the hell they’re talking about, but hey, if somebody takes the time to comment, you should at least acknowledge their effort. No?

    • Hey Eric! Haha I don’t think I’ve experienced such weirdo comments yet. But yeah, I totally agree and that’s the stance I take on replying to comments. I do realize though that maybe not everyone’s like that and perhaps they have good reason. Hence, I throw out the question to any dissenters!

  22. I just noticed something. I made a point, considering the subject to see if you reacted to my comment. I have a wordpress blog, as you do and have threaded in my replies. I think “threaded” is the right terminology. I can reply to the person that makes a comment on my blog and the person receives it. Hope I’m being clear.? Do you have this option?

    • If I understand what you’re saying correctly, yes I do have a Comments I’ve Made page where I can see responses to a comment I left on someone’s blog. Although there’s only a limited number of those comments I’ve made that I can see. I never chose this option though, that page was just there in my Dashboard.

  23. I believe in etiquette to a certain degree. As a reader, I sometimes want to argue with friend’s of friend’s but I don’t cuz i don’t know them. On to your questions from a non-blogger

    1. What’s your views on responding to comments left on your blog?
    Blogger should if dialogue is the goal. If venting is the goal, then no need.

    2. Do you feel insulted if a person who you are following doesn’t follow you back?
    Naw, if you like someone’s blog they don’t have to automatically like yours in return.

    3. Are there any other “blogging rules” or “etiquette” that you find are out there?
    I got 2: No trolling, no hijacking.
    Trolling – primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response
    Hijacking – hijacking occurs when one or more individuals commenting on the original posting, go off topic, creating a separate conversation.

    • Hey Seto,

      You could always be anonymous and argue with em all you want =P

      So #1: Good point and I’m definitely starting off with the assumption that dialogue is the goal. On one of my previous blogs, I turned the comment box off on a post where I just wanted to vent and honestly didn’t want to hear what anyone had to say on the matter. If a comment box is open, I assume the person wants dialogue. I could be assuming wrong.

      #2: I totally agree.

      #3: haha trolling and hijacking sound like terms from some video game you play =P .. I agree with both although with trolling, one may unintentionally provoke emotional responses but of course I agree with notdoing it in a malicious way!

      • haha. trolling and hijacking are pretty common terms in communities i participate in. Perhaps the definition of trolling i gave is wrong.. not emotional but mad, not relevant to the post and relies on personal attacks. I’m sure this happens a lot less on blogs where you have followers. When you go to forums, even stuff on youtube.. some people just love to troll. I think in those cases people have the security of being anonymous.

        Its funny how much terminology we create on the internet.. lmfo, troll, pwn, newb.. and it doesnt look like it slows down. Language will be a funny thing in 100 years.

        • Yeah Youtube is probably full of trolls .. Or trolling. Some shit on there is so unneccessarily nasty.

          Haha true, maybe even in our lifetime we’ll see “lol” in the Webster’s Dictionary and they’ll be teaching kids what it means in school lol

  24. Have not replied to something? I think in some instances it’s the lack of blogging etiquette awareness and others it’s cultural. The same etiquette one place is not the same in another.

    • Hm that is so interesting. I never thought about culture playing a role. Well, I definitely like to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to not receiving a reply. But I will say that after repeated ignores, I lose motivation to leave comments in the future. I think that’s fair =P

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