The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Conclusion)

Okay, so while I’d love to pen the next The Illyiad, I have decided to forego the Homeric prose and tell y’all about the conclusion of my 9-day hiking trip Cafe-styles.

As you know from the intro post (that was Freshly Pressed!), I had already managed to injure my knee on Day One of our hike. What you don’t know is that two others in our group had also pulled or strained some body part or another before the second day’s end, so that we were all crawling along at a snail’s pace and nowhere near reaching our intended campsite.

It was that night that we all somberly realized that the trip could come to an end the very next morning. There was no point going on if we couldn’t move faster than dying turtles.

The saddest part was that the life-sucking, injury-inducing two days of hiking we had endured was supposedly the easiest part of the whole loop. Our fourth comrade (the non-injured one) had done this trail before and assured us that it was only getting harder from here on out. Continue reading

The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

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This epic adventure of our four young heroes begins on a gloomy, overcast morning.
The fifth of their band had fallen from the ranks.
Even Charlie, the Australian Shepherd, was to deny them his companionship on the long journey ahead.

Alas, the four heroes would march forth, a united army,
Into what was foretold to be days of thunderous storms and merciless showers.

Survival comes at a price, weighing heavily on their backs.
Our heroes enter the dark forests of Killarney,
Like knights forging into the abyss of battle.
How will they persevere for nine days when the first hour begs for relief?

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Hong Kong Dragonboating & Photo Blog 1

Back from vacation and no time to slowly settle back into the swing of things. Getting thrown back into it is kind of good, because then you don’t have time to feel the vacation withdrawal ;)

Anyways, it was a long three weeks of excitement and relaxation in Asia. It’s hard to even know where to begin! I guess I could begin at … the beginning …

* * *

First Stop: Hong Kong, China

The first week of my vacation was dedicated to watching the Hong Kong Dragonboat Carnival races. I was there to support two teams from Canada who had been working hard for two years to bring back some gold.

This was the granddaddy of all races. The culmination of so many practices, sacrificing late nights out, beer, and time with loved ones, and of other races that had gotten these teams here to the worlds. This was what it had all been for.

Unfortunately, this dragonboat festival was so riddled with unnecessary delays, an inappropriate race course, cheating, and boats crashing into other teams’ boats, that in the end, it seemed like for many paddlers these world championship races had turned into something of a circus.

As a spectator, it was pretty hard to watch.

Throughout all of the tears, anger and frustration that I witnessed, one thing really stuck in my mind. Continue reading