Do You Own Your Ideas?

Janice gravatarA note from Cafe: I really wanted to thank my friend Seto for taking the time to write this post, especially given that he doesn’t write very often (and for someone who doesn’t, I think he writes really well!). In my opinion, it takes a lot of courage to put your personal experiences and opinions out there for people to judge, so I appreciate that he’s taken on a topic that I have been afraid to talk about on my blog :)

Also, my apologies for having been MIA on your blogs as of late. It’s been a busy couple of past weeks, but I’ll be coming around to visit soon!

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Being a long-time friend of Janice and a follower of her blog, I can say that she’s a diverse writer, excellent singer and has created a great, positive vibe on Your Daily Dose. I’ve always enjoyed rallying ideas with her about random topics. I’m not sure if I’ve changed any of her ideas, but she’s not afraid to put her ideas up to the challenge which is all that matters.

Which leads me to why I chose to write about: Ideas and self: Do you own your ideas? It may sound like a vague topic, but from my experience, all of my values, goals and even emotions have evolved by developing ideas into my own rather than accepting them as is. To me, ideas make the world go round. Ideas pass by us every day — some we laugh at and dismiss, while others are so rooted in our values and principles that we naturally develop tunnel vision. Continue reading

Writing From the Heart: Question #3 / Lean On Me by Bill Withers (Cover) (Guitar & Vocals)

Being a good person and helping to make other people’s lives better.

It’s easiest for me to answer this question by imagining that my time had come and now here was everyone gathered at my funeral — *knock on wood* — thinking back to .. well .. me, and their time with me.

As everyone stood over my grave — sobbing uncontrollably, of course (hehe) — I’d want people to be thinking that I had a good heart. That I always tried to think of others and what it would be like to be in their shoes. That I had a lot of compassion and empathy, and that I continually tried to improve myself as a person — not just for my own betterment, but for the ones I loved around me.

I’d hope that people would feel like I had made their lives better, not necessarily in some profound way, but even in the little things. I guess, in other words, these are the things I want to strive towards being remembered for. I hope I am well on my way :)

So with that, I’d like to send you all off on your weekend with a cover of “Lean On Me” (originally by Bill Withers), dedicated to my dear friends and anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on. I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on! :D

Have a great weekend, everyone!

- Cafe

Take a few minutes to ask yourself: What do you want to be known for? Write a post about it, share it in the comment box below, or just keep it to yourself ;)

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Writing From the Heart: Question #1 (This Defense Mechanism Is Toast)

I’ve been feeling some serious blogger’s block lately. For some reason, I’ve been finding it hard to get back to where I started off with this blog — brace yourself for the cheese — writing from the heart *cringe*

Okay, so moving along … I was first inspired by Shira’s blog as I knew she had been doing 30 Days of Honesty Blogging (which originated from somewhere in the blogosphere). Shira always writes from the heart. I needed to take a lesson from this young lady! ;) I wanted to do something similar, so I Googled for some ideas and came across “40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind.” Reading through the questions, I felt the spark inside again.

So here we go … And I hope that you will also find some inspiration in thinking about these questions for yourself. They often remind us what are the most important things in life, how much we’ve learned, and how we can continue striving to improve ourselves. So feel free to join me in this journey! :)

* * *

Today I am strong-minded enough to change.

We all have something about ourselves that we know needs to change. Maybe it’s a negative way of thinking, or something we do in reaction to things we’re afraid of that only hurts ourselves in the end. It might come from being scarred by the things of our past or from unresolved anger. It might just come from being afraid or not having self-confidence. More often than not, it’s a defense mechanism we use to “protect” ourselves. And when we’ve relied on that defense mechanism for years and years, it’s hard to let it go.

A year ago, I knew there were certain things I needed to change about myself. And there’s no question that I had come a very long way from the person I used to be when I was much younger — when I was extremely untrusting, angry, and doubting myself. But even a year ago, I still felt drawn, every so often, to my own defense mechanism whenever I didn’t really want to deal with reality, or when those negative thoughts would return.

Well, today I know that I have a different kind of mental strength than I did then. It took all of the forward progress, as well as the failures, from the last few years to get me here. But now I know that today I am strong-minded enough to see my defense mechanism for what it is and show it the door! It is not an easy thing to do, because over time it has even become your friend, always welcoming you with open arms and promising to comfort you when you want to run and hide from reality. But while you are in its clutches, you have actually lost the freedom of being in control of how you want your life to progress into bigger and better things.

Take a few minutes to ask yourself: What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago? Or: Do you have a defense mechanism that you need to let go of? Write a post about it, share it in the comment box below, or just keep it to yourself ;)

- Cafe