That Bastard, the Flu

It’s been five days and counting with my newfound sidekick, the Flu. The bastard has single-handedly destroyed my weekend fun, resigned me to the fetal position, and deterred almost all forms of human life from coming into contact with me.

Not only that, but I didn’t have the internet at home for the past couple of weeks (just got it today, thank you Jesus) and if there is one time that you want to have the internet up and running, it’s when you’re quarantined at home with absolutely nothing to do.

A couple of friends, Dr. Tai and Gooey, did brave my sickly state on the weekend and came over to perform an old school remedy for removing toxins from the body and clearing up congestion: the steam bath.

Basically, what this entails is placing a pot of boiling water with loads of ginger on a portable stove that is set up on the floor. You then sit with your face hovering over the steaming pot, and a sheet covers you and the entire get-up.

In case you can’t picture what this might look like, here’s a visual:

steam bath

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My New Year’s Resolution is to Keep My New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2013, everyone! Are you ready to kick off the new year with a big bang? Or do you find yourself starting this January sleepily dragging your behind back to work? Let’s wake up and get excited for bigger and better things, people!

So truth be told, I actually haven’t made a New Year’s resolution. I can’t remember the last year that I did. There’s two reasons why I’ve bowed out for 2013. The first is that I feel like I’ve gained enough motivation and momentum from 2012 to continue bettering myself in the new year without any pre-defined goals.

And secondly — as the title implies — I don’t have the greatest track record for keeping the NYRs that I have made. I don’t think most of us do.

Canadians New Years Resolutions 2011 Toronto Star

Of the friends I’ve asked, almost all don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. To them, NYRs merely represent “empty promises”. But there are a couple who have set some lofty goals, including the second top NYR of last year: to quit smoking. And I actually believe that they have a good chance of sticking to it.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t typically goals that we can attain with the snap of our fingers. Inspired by the “fresh new start” that apparently comes delivered on January 1st, many of us pump our fists in the air with newfound purpose and declare: “Yes, I can!” At least for the time being it seems like anything is truly possible.

But somewhere along the way — a week later, two, three months into the grind — our resolve wilts like flowers in the harsh, winter snow. The NYR that was becomes no more.


So how is it that some people are able to achieve what they’ve set out to do for an entire year? Are they a special breed? Do the ones who make it to the end choose resolutions that were just easier to resolve?

I can’t give you the answers. I’m not one of these people. Doesn’t mean that I’m not inspired or want to improve myself this year. I’m just not ready to set anything in stone right now ;)

Calvin and Hobbes New years resolution comic

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? And what does it take to see one’s NYR through to the end of the year?

– Cafe <3

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