What Is Your Passion?

My name’s Bernard Abarquez and I like drawing. I draw as an exercise. It’s meditative. It’s focus, concentration. Sometimes I think I have ADD, but when I draw, it kind of disappears.

I think creating something is one of the most fulfilling things. I remember as a kid, instead of going outside to play, my brother and I would take hockey cards, spread them all out and then choose six or seven cards each, and we’d spend the whole day just drawing them.

I always used life drawing and photo realism as exercices for precision of colour and likeness studies. The whole portrait commission business naturally came along with it and just spread through word of mouth from customers.

At first, commissions would feel just like another colour study — I would judge the final product on pure asthetics and its likeness to the photo with no emotion to the work. But once I started delivering and seeing the responses from each customer, I began to realize and appreciate the subjects that I was drawing. The photos given to me had sentiments and were special to whomever the work was being presented to — this realization changed my perspective and my mindset while drawing. I began to put more heart into it. I was creating gifts, rather then mere reproductions.

While time and compensation for that time is what allows me continue this work, it’s the reward of creating a gift for someone that fuels me to continue and not look at it as a business and exchange for money.

- Bernard Abarquez

I’m always blown away when I see Bernard’s drawings! I think being able to turn your passion into work can be so rewarding, but perhaps after time it’s also possible for that spark to fade if your mindset is constantly on “work mode.” I think it’s awesome that Bernard has managed to keep feeling fulfilled in doing his passion as a business. As for me, my passion is music and creative writing and, as you know, I do it just for fun. But who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to incorporate more of it into my everyday work :)

You can go say hi to Bernard and check our more of his amazing drawings on his Facebook page. And don’t forget to leave him some love in the comment box below!

What’s your passion? Do you do it just for fun and/or for work?

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46 thoughts on “What Is Your Passion?

  1. Wow, really impressive art work!
    Reading some of your blogs Janice and I’m impressed with your writing style. You should totally pursue your passion of writing into something you can publish for $$ one day. I was recently told by someone retired that if you don’t love what you are doing, why are you doing it? It makes sense, hey if what you love is marketable, make it a living and maybe you’ll feel one day, that you truly did live to the fullest. hmm.. makes me wonder what my passion(s) are..
    Thanks for sharing Bernard’s work on your blog.

    • It would be really surprising if I switched to writing in the future, but as we know all too well at this point anything is possible, huh? Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind one day and the family history book will be that something I end up publishing =P

  2. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to thank you all for the kind words and support the response is greatly appreciated. When we think of our passions we generally think of our devotion to self and personal satisfaction for well being so to hear that my own passion inspires and touches others brings an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. My hardwork does not go unnoticed.

    I will leave some personal information for anyone that wishes to contact me.



    If you are on facebook or have access, feel free to browse my full portfolio in the album section of my open profile.

    Special thanks to Janice and her daily dose!

  3. Those are really lovely drawings. Bernard certainly has a great talent. As for passion, your are very right, if you are able to combine you passion with work you are very lucky. But it’s not bad to be able to bring out your passion in any way. As long as you have passion.

    • I’m with you there! I’m at that point where I’m okay with not being totally passionate about my work (I have to find it interesting though), as long as my work allows me to have the time to pursue my passions outside of it.

  4. These are some really amazing drawings!! I think my favorite would be the laughing bride and groom…a beautiful capture of the emotions…everything looks so real life like…a lot of these look like photos at first glance! Keep up the passion and good luck with the business. :)

      • I suspect my passions are morphing right now and I am trying to find my new ones. My passion use to be Dance, after I was hurt I couldn’t dance anymore. My entire physical and mental outlook changed and it has been a very long road back.

        Writing is a love, passion? I don’t know, when I combine it with research and politics it gets very close.

        Education is very close, so then we combine writing, research, politics wow starting to get there.

        My volunteer work certainly sometimes hits me between the eyes. But honestly it also hits me in my heart to closely, I don’t know that I could do this all the time.

        So truly I don’t know. I suspect I am still working through my personal redefinition.

        • I love your thought process on this, Valentine! =P
          I feel that you are quite passionate about what you write about. But maybe these things are a work in progress and ever-changing. Sometimes I feel like my passion is writing and then some days the last thing I want to do is type or write down one word.

  5. My passion is not so much writing as it is storytelling and having creative freedom of expression. Writing just happens to be the simplest and the one I am the best at. That’s not to say I’m great at it, I just suck at public speaking because I get mean too quick.

    And I wish to be a job over a hobby. Why not get paid to do something you love? I can see how some people might have their love fade over time for it but as long as you continue to readjust and evolve a truly passionate person will not lose that love as Bernard seems to be able to do so well.

    Great art! Great topic!

    • I like what you said about continuing to readjust and evolve. Gotta keep it exciting and of course you can always improve in what you do. Glad you are pursuing what you love as more than a hobby, Tim :)

  6. WOW, as someone who must have stepped outside for a minute when they passed out the artsy quality in personalities, I can double appreciate his talent. That he would allow this to be his passion…even better. Beautiful, beautiful work! I especially love the Steve Jobs piece, the way he drew it pushes all of your attention to his eyes, allowing you. for a moment, to see the depth of his being. I also love the activity that he and his brother chose as “play”…I think of all the creative potential that is out there waiting for a chance to blossom.

    • I LOVE the Steve Jobs one too, Mrs. P!
      So usually when I think about being passionate about something, I think in terms of artistic creativity, whether it be music, drawing, etc, only because I find my own passion in creativity and I know many around me who do as well. But I know passion doesn’t just have to be about that. Would you say you have a passion in something that’s not artistically-inclined?

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