30, I’m Gonna Grab You By the Balls


I was having lunch with a friend downtown the other day (one of the few good things about commuting is that I actually get to interact with human life) and we somehow got onto the topic about turning 30, which is something that I will be experiencing in just a few months.

How do you feel about it?” she asked me.

“Oh, I’m ready,” I replied, visually¬†clenching “30” by the balls and squeezing. Hard. Okay, that wasn’t quite what was going on in my head. But that’s the best analogy I can offer to explain to you, my dear readers, how ready I am for the big Three-Oh.

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My Favourite Place in the Entire World

I cannot find my Killarney map anywhere. This is so distressing. I feel as though I have lost a piece of my soul *sob*

Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario is my favourite place in the entire world. Yes, I have left the province before. Yes, I’ve been to places like Australia, Japan and Hong Kong (God bless their dim sum). But no matter how many amazing experiences I’ve had traveling the world, no other place has ever gotten me as excited and happy as Killarney has and still does. Continue reading

Working the Night Shift

So for the past few days I’ve been back to my old routine of working the night shift. (Gotta pay the bills, ya know what I’m sayin’?)

Okay, okay, before the wheels in your over-imaginative minds start turning any faster, I’m simply talking about my part-time job. The task I’ve been assigned to work on recently is transcribing interviews for an evaluation study of a youth gang intervention/prevention program.

If you’ve never transcribed an interview before, let me give you a piece of advice that will greatly aid you in retaining your sanity: Don’t.

The last interview I transcribed had to be done in installments over a couple of days lest someone find me at home, rocking myself in the corner and mumbling: “You know what I’m saying?” (that’s what the interviewee said at the end of every sentence).

The look of traumatization from the question that’s not really a question: “You know what I’m saying?”

Anyways, two things have happened as a result of having to work my full-time job and part-time job as of late: Continue reading